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Well, here we are at the day before the (extended) deadline and there's my modelling desk, barely visible underneath all the incomplete Anthony P projects. A monument to over-ambition and disorganisation  :blink:

This Spitfire floatplane is almost there, it just needs decals, some small parts and the propeller painted, but pressure of work in the Real World (at 21.25 last night - Saturday!! - I was filing a set of accounts on-line with Companies House) means that even small stuff like this is unlikely to get finished in time.

The same can be said for this cannon armed Yak-3 - it just needs decals and undercarriage doors but it probably won't happen.

Likewise, this alternative Lend-Lease Wildcat, although it has a bit more to do than the first two.

And then there's the Kocherigin OBP dive bomber. Spurred on by the success of the Gu-VRD, I decided to do a second Unicraft kit for this build:

It's actually gone quite well and all the major work is complete but I ran out of steam (and some enthusiasm) and so it currently looks like this:

Which brings us to the poor old P-40Z. This is actually a resurrected project. I started this in 2008 (!) and then ran out of enthusiasm and put it away in a box of incomplete kits. I brought it out again for the Anthony P build and it now only needs the windscreens fitted to be ready for final painting and undercarriage fitting. But this is unlikely to happen in the next week or so and so, for the second time, the P-40Z becomes a "did not finish".

Another resurrected project of similar vintage is this Chinese Eurocopter Tiger. It was started at a time when it was rumoured that the new Chinese attack helicopter, the Z-10, was going to be heavily influenced by Eurocopter. There is probably more to do on this project than it looks, so it becomes another serial "did not finish" project.

And finally, the canard MiG-25:

Some of these may appear in their own threads in due course, but don't hold your breath - - -

They ALL look very promising anyway.   :thumbsup:

We can wait.........  ;D

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Thanks for that  :thumbsup: In that case, I'll probably select a couple of the more likely ones and set up threads for them tomorrow. Or, I suppose, I could just use this thread and re-title it. Hmm - - - "McGreig's Gallery of Impending Failure"? "Potential Failure"?  :wacko:

I'm treating this thread as possible's mate


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