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Su-15MV Soviet Aggressor - FINISHED

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Cheers folks! As ever, photographs flatter to deceive, but I am please with the outcome and grateful that you approve.

--- Quote from: eatthis on July 19, 2014, 09:34:07 am ---thats a cracking build :)
if i squint at the su15 it almost looks like a russian tsr2

--- End quote ---

Indeed. IIRC, wasn't there an Su-24 prototype that had fixed delta wing and two lift jets behind the cockpit for STOL? That would look even more like a TSR-2.

Captain Canada:
Wow ! Nice work Weaver ! Sure looks the part with all the extra 'americanised' additions ! Lovely paintwork as well....very well done !


Cheers Cap'n!

I'm toying with the idea of modifying this slightly. When I did it, I was under the impression that Su-15s could only carry a single R-60 on each inboard pylon, so it'd need the "fakewinders" to get the right look. However, I've now discovered that Su-15s can, in fact carry two R-60s on each inboard pylon, using the T-shaped APU-60-II launch rail most often seen under MiG-23s. This looks so nearly right that it'd be madness not to use it, so the Fakewinders have lost credibility. Furthermore there's a finless acquisition round version of the Aphid, and R.V. do a set of four R-60s plus two APU-60-IIs which have separate PE fins, so it'd be easy to leave them off one missile and mark them up as three inerts (black stripes) plus one acquisition round (red stripes).

What do you think?

(Note: this won't happen immediately and shouldn't affect the Za Rodinu TB)

What do I think ? Go for it  :thumbsup:


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