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Okay, I'm going to resurrect this one, which I started but screwed up for the Sovietize It GB a few years ago. Seems appropriate, given that Anthony P was a huge enthusiast for that GB:,22791.0.html

Nice idea! Love it  :thumbsup:


--- Quote from: Weaver on February 23, 2014, 05:34:06 pm ---Okay, I'm going to resurrect this one
--- End quote ---

Be good to see this finished :thumbsup: although, re-reading your original thread, I'm surprised it survived to be resurrected - - -

Just goes to prove that even Revell Contacta Special dries eventually, given four or five years....... :rolleyes:

Okay, slightly scary non-progress pictures:

2009 - fixing the spine:

2014 - still fixing the spine!  :rolleyes:


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