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Yak-75 "Flapper"

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Captain Canada:
...that's why I asked. Figured if it were in the same competition it would look like a Mig-29, and maybe you'd use a Mig-29 as a basis.


No, certainly not. The Yak design had a much different layout - the Bristol 188 comes close for both fighter designs, but both had, IIRC, a tandem landing gear with outrigger wheels under the wing nacelles, and double delta wings with a very high sweep inside of the engine nacelles. The MiG-29 contender was a single-seater, while the Su-27 alternative was considerably larger, with a tandem cockpit. IIRC (too), those aircraft had the semi-official designation Yak-35/37. Both would be nice whif projects, too!

Reminds me that I have a MiG-33 (also a tentative name, it was a real F-16 style export aircraft, that never materialized) on the whif agenda myself...  :rolleyes:

The nearest to a MiG 29 that the Yak-75 is in some of its appearance. This should not be surprising as the TsAGI had come up with the basic requirements of an aircraft to meet the demands of the Soviet Air Force.
Twin fins, single cockpit with good all round vision, rough field performance and in the case of the Yak-75, canards and a chin intake.


Some progress with this build. Putty has been applied to areas of the underside of the fuselage and locating holes started for the fins. Might post some progress pictures later this week.


Captain Canada:
I like the sound of this !



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