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MiG-29 Fulcrum Pics under the wire

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--- Quote from: Captain Canada on February 07, 2014, 02:34:22 pm ---Cool. I was thinking scale-o-rama....but 144th ! lol. I guess that would make it too big to land at any earthly aerodrome.....
--- End quote ---

Go totally bananas and scaleorama the other way round.  Make it a 1/16 scale drone.....or one (small) man parasite fighter......

Army of One:
I love the idea of a strategic 1/72 bomber........ :thumbsup:..........I may have some 1/48 scale jet u/c (F14 an B1B) somewhere....if you wanna use it I'll see if I can dig it out.......?

Captain Canada:
Thanks for thoe offer H....but if I can find all the sticks from that Tu-22 I built I'll use them. Problem is, I don't think the new cat just knocks them off, she actually eats them ! Stay tuned...... :thumbsup:

Captain Canada:
Still have to sort out the bits for this one. I decided I'm not going to hack up either my Tu-22 or my #u-34, as I really like them both. Mind you, as stated before, the cat has pretty much toasted the first one by knocking off all the bits and knocking it off the shelf on several occasions.....


Captain Canada:
So I ended up going smaller, but still doing a Mig-29. I bought the Airfix dog of a kit. I have the major assembly done, and I have some landing gear from a 144th scale KC-135, but I might try and find a three bogey main set. I hope to start painting tomorrow.



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