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MiG-29 Fulcrum Pics under the wire

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Captain Canada:
Painting has started !


Captain Canada:
Big screw up on this one.....forgot to paint the cockpit before glueing down the canopy and I don't like the way that looks ! Might try prying it off, as most of it's painted so it doesn't really matter if it breaks a little....but still..... :banghead: :banghead: rookie ( read: drinking ) mistake !


Captain Canada:
Nope. Can't pry it off. Since it was being painted over I put on more than enough gkue.....oh well, on to the rest of it !

Got most of the painting done. Painted the wheels and landing gear as well. Hope to finish it tomorrow night or late Friday night.


Captain Canada:
A bit of a scale-o-rama. I tried to copy the finish of the Blackjack prototype.


Nice one - like how you dealt with the canopy in the end.  :thumbsup:


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