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Looks like a bit if expectation management will be needed here!

Yes Captain, roundels will remain the same. But winter camouflage? Hadn't thought about that, probably not at the moment but let's see how things progress.

Army of One:
Oh....looking forward to this...... :thumbsup:

Possible change of plan.  The Finnish markings that I thought should fit are too big, so it may become a French Frogfoot (the French Communist party seized power in the June 1968 coup that followed the May '68 civil unrest (

I've the right sized markings (but if I get the right Finnish markings I'll stick with Plan A).

Leading Observer:
Stick with plan A :thumbsup:

OK Plan A is still on, courtesy of an Academy MiG-21.  That will get the French markings!

Maybe.  ;)


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