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MSJ-06 "Zver" ("Beast"), 4th Guards armoured division, 2029

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Coming soon, one very large, scary armoured vehicle. ;D Developed for heavy urban fighting, by the late 2020s large numbers of these heavy ground assault units were involved in suppressing the attempted breakaway of the oil-rich Caucasus republics.

Standard armament: AK-220 140mm gun or RPG-33 recoilless direct-fire artillery system; standard-fit carbon blade excavation equipment may also be used offensively.
Combat weight: around 120 metric tonnes, depending on armament and auxiliary equipment fit.
Armour: multi-layered composite armour of varying thickness, up to 400mm in places; adjustable 800mm shield over frontal arc.
Speed: Maximum speed 95km/h on level terrain.

Now to actually build the damn thing! :banghead:

For those who might know/guess what this is, no spoilers please!  :cheers:

Captain Canada:
No idea what you're talking about but wow.....go for it !


120 tons and 95 km/h sound... scary!  :thumbsup:

Have an Idea,but i Won't Let the Cat out of the Bag ;) Hope to see Your Creation Soon. Dan

I have a good idea of what this is, but I will still awake the finished :tornado:


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