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The Mig Slayer Story
« on: October 04, 2007, 07:15:23 pm »
Dawn at Kimpo airbase. Eddie "Rabbit" Talbot completed his walkdown of "Anna Louise" his F-86/F+ "Sabre Fox" everything checked out A OK Numba One as his ROK crew chief tended to say with a wide grin that made the slightly heavyset mans eyes squint shut.Eddie wondered when they were getting the new "Hot Rod" H model Sabre they were showing up in small numbers after a delay in development and production,His Fox was the stopgap measure to help deal with the appearance of newer soviet aircraft in the theatre.Armed with 4 20mm cannon instead of the old 6 Browning layout the "Fox" definatly had the edge in firepower even over the newest Mig 15 variant the mig still had the edge in altitude but the Fox had added something called an Afterburner to the engine it gave a major boost in speed but Guzzeled gas faster than a squad of marines on a 48 hour pass.The final new toy added to the package were a extra pair of underwing pylons each capable of carrying 2 of the "Falcon" Heat seeking guided rockets.Eddie himself had only fired 2 in combat,Bolth had been duds one dropping like a stone after launch and the other headed straight for the sun! He had heard the Navy's Sidewinder was a better weapon,and had the troublesome falcons were possibly going to be swapped out with the sidewinder

09:00 Mig Alley.
  Eddie's headphones Crackled to life as the Squadron leader Major Eddie "Bugs" Miller in his flight to their north called out that they spotted a flight of "Beagle" medium bombers entering their area of engagement Eddies Flight leader Capt Brian "Da Basher" called to them " "Rabbit" you take "The Squeek" and keep an eye out for Migs these Beagles look awefully weird without escort." Eddie and Earl climbed higher for a better view as "Da Basher" and his wingman "Archie" dove to engage the bombers.under the two's relentless pounding it began to rain beagles.As Brian and Archie mauled the bombers Eddies heart froze into a block of ice as he saw 8 Mig 15s dive on the sabres. "BASHER,ARCHIE Break Left HARD Migs 7 o'clock HIGH!!!" Eddie called out, the 2 sabres pulled up and to the left causing the migs to overshoot. Eddie heard "Da Basher" Call out "Bugs" Get your texan rear over here we're up to our eyeballs in migs!" Major Miller replied with a simple Just remember to save me some Brian." As "Rabbit & The Squeek" rolled in to engage the 8 migs in the fray he spotted 2 dark green migs hanging outside the fray with Chinese markings "Honcho's" it was a multi layered trap with the 8 flashing silver north korean migs distracting the sabres while the pair of more expierenced chinese pilots waited for an oppertunity to strike.Rabbit altered course and lined up on the 2 chinise fighters he prayed the falcons would work (Or at Least Scare the living Tofu out of them) to his utter amazement bolth his and "Squeek"s falcons flew true the 2 migs erupted into so much flaming Debris.they then slashed into the remaining 5 migs who With their number advantage and "Ace in the hole" gone decided to bug out over the Yalu into china,As "Bugs"Miller arrived He asked where are they I thought you were going to save me some??? "Da Basher" replied " they heard you were comming and ran home to Mommie" only laughter filled the airwaves after that

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The Mig Slayer Story
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2007, 01:41:06 pm »
Killer backstory, Panzer!

I think "Bugs" is still mad nobody saved him any MiGs.
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