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Never mind, Nick, cables are easily repairable (if the DIY store is still open).   I'm sure that the household management will find other tasks for you. Much sympathy from me!!

  I spent Wednesday afternoon stacking just over a ton of logs in the shed...........thank the Lord for Rheged minor helping..........and this morning emptying a vast compost bin and  distributing the contents on the vegetable garden. At present, I'm slumped in a collapsed state building up my energies for pruning raspberry canes later.  Since Madame Rheged was a research botanist, she does the fancy stuff in the garden, I'm just the JCB end of horticulture.


--- Quote from: Rheged on March 27, 2020, 06:07:47 am ---.... and this morning emptying a vast compost bin and distributing the contents on the garden.

--- End quote ---

The Head Gardener (Mum) has this minute suggested doing just that tomorrow! She has said she can't do it as she's 'an old lady who can't do very much and is in self-isolation'. She's very good at deckchair gardening though  :wacko:

I think my dismissal was temporary  :rolleyes: ;D 
We've decided to pace out all the garden jobs over the next month. Gives us a variety of things to do each day. I could repair the trimmer cable but it's been cut through twice now and I don't want to tempt fate. It's rusty and very noisy too.


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