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Until recently I had a 2.5 foot by 1.5 foot fold down table on wheels that was my mums as my work station, and something I can only describe as two shelves on wheels as my modelling area, in my living room, it got a bit too cluttered too easily, and I would get annoyed and not want to build anything. I have since built a new top with anti carpet monster lips on the edge, it has given me nearly four times the work space. Which still gets cluttered, so, I made a box shaped tray at one end of it to stuff full of the tools and other bits I don't use all the time. I am thinking of putting another tray ON the other end.


--- Quote from: Dizzyfugu on January 16, 2019, 03:38:03 am ---Well, the scheme is real, but the choice of colors went totally wrong and much too light (reminds me of pre WWII- RLM tones from the 3-color-splinter scheme). The real thing looked this way:

Original upper colors are/were RAL 6014, 7012 and 7021 (an olive drab, kind of Dark Sea Grey and a very dark grey, almost black).

--- End quote ---

Well that's kinda what I meant: the scheme on the box appears to be two shades of green, one of brown and one of sand...

Well I have decided on the main weaponry to be carried by the aircraft

Just got to decide what I am going to hang from the outer wing pylons, soviet style rocket pods looks like a good idea at the moment.

One thing that I am going to be looking for is a 1/72 Hasegawa Tornado GR1/4 tail fin so that I can use it for a whiff version of the EF3



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