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A Mighty Fin !! Tonka Theme Build 28 Squadron Indian Air Force

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A bit like Chris Payne buying so many new Airfix Phantoms so he can build one for each squadron that operated them, I have over the years done something similar with the Tornado...

So there remains just a few simple questions, which kit to build.... which after checking the instructions in the box against the RAF boxing of this kit I find they are the same other than the obvious decals

What to build it as was decided by seeing Spinner's posting of Panavia Tornado IS 'Bavandar' - No.28 Squadron, Indian Air Force, 1985, which as I like the diversity of and the general lack of knowledge about the Indian Air Force makes it ideal to build whilfs of which I have previous by building a TSR2 in Indian markings so why not the Tonka?

Next problem is where to build it  :-\

There was a modelling bench under there at one time, I think......


I don't see a problem.  There's a clear space there at the front.  Use that.


plenty of space for a 1/144 Tornado no?  :wacko:

The cammo scheme on that Monogram boxing is interesting and, as far as I know, was never applied in real life, making it an instant whiff. I don't know why, mind you: it seems perfect for camouflage over the deserts of southern Germany.

Well, the scheme is real, but the choice of colors went totally wrong and much too light (reminds me of pre WWII- RLM tones from the 3-color-splinter scheme). The real thing looked this way:

Original upper colors are/were RAL 6014, 7012 and 7021 (an olive drab, kind of Dark Sea Grey and a very dark grey, almost black).


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