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Rockwell/Panavia F-24 Tornado "Wild Weasel" COMPLETED

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With a little dry-fitting she looks distinctly Tornadic. 

A nice Saturday of modeling for me...This is the first Tornado I've built since my 1/72 fixed-wing version over 10 years ago. While this kit is nicely detailed my early fears of over engineering seem to be warranted.  A lot of the sub assemblies rely on perfect fitting for other parts to fit correctly.  Apparently the assembly with the intake trunking was ever so slightly out of alignment when attached which is making for a bit of a headache with the upper fuselage plate and intakes.  It'll work out I think but taking more sanding and fitting than a kit this new and expensive should.  The ridiculous amount of flash makes for a LOT of cleanup too, again frustrating for a kit this new.


The finally some whiffery taking place as I've spent some time this evening watching Memphis Belle and building up the rough shape of the fin-top ECM fairing.

The tail fairing getting sanded to shape...

 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: nice job on the cockpit

Just what a Tornado needs, a bigger fin!
Looking great, canít wait to see more.


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