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Have a look here for inspiration

Shields & banners

Brian da Basher:
Here's a revised version.

Brian da Basher


I revised the last one. I didn't angle the white/yellow split line enough for a Celtic Boss. But, I still think they all look decent. Probably would have been better if I had spent more time on them or had better software to work with.


Brian da Basher:
Here's an idea for a Kosovo roundel.

Brian da Basher

title says it all. i didnt knew where to place this topic, but since roundels are also a bit like artwork and profiles, i decided to post it here.

the purpose of this topic is to post your designed roundels and tell us who they belong to.

here's my designed roundels from left to right.

1. a new roundel im designing for my fictional country "Leutonia"
2. the low-vis version
3. the current interim roundel from Leutonia
4. the roundel for New Ontario (with i discovered has been stolen by starship modeller  :angry:
5. the infamous Flemish Air Command Roundel

anyone else want to post there roundels or roundel ideas  B)  


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