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Porsche tractor color


Does anyone have any idea what color red Porsche used on the Diesel Junior 108 tractor by Revell? I doubt itís the same shade as used on the cars. Since I bought an IH Transtar 4300 Eagle truck kit for only $20 Iím thinking of a flatbed trailer with a load of vintage tractors and such.

Did some Google-fu. Porsche tractor red is RAL 3002, very close to FS 21105
which is Tamiya X-7 or Vallejo Model colour 70.908. Humbrol 19 isn't too far off.

Your google-fu is strong! Thanks

Going through my conversion lists I confirm the X(F)-7 recommendation; Humbrol 60 (Matt Red) is recommended there, too (instead of 19, which might be a bit too bright IMHO) and Revell offers with 36 the authentic RAL tone, which is available both as enamel and acrylic paint.


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