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Well I did search for a Concorde thread, but couldn't see one ...... this is then obviously the point where several of you point me in the right direction!  ;D

I have a 1/144 Concorde.......

I fancy doing it in Royal Flight / Royal Squadron / No.32 Squadron colours. To be precise something similar to the 'red wing' livery worn by the BAe 146s at one point.

My question is , is there any practical reason why Concorde's wings couldn't be painted red? Obviously in Whiff World they of course can be and d*mn reality!

I just wondered though whether supersonic flight caused issues for any other colour other than white on high temperature areas?

Has anyone ever done something similar ..... A Braniff or a DHL Concorde for instance?  ;D

Doug K:
I seem to remember the fuselage is white to minimise heat build up - if grew a foot or so in flight due to friction. Not sure about the wings

 For a Queen's flight Concorde, I'd be tempted to go for a minimalist , basically white scheme with a few restrained touches.  If it's a 32 squadron "owned " aircraft, you might wish to consider a few electronic-defensive  lumps and bumps.   Perhaps under-wing missiles (purely for self-defence, of course)  could be considered too.

Yes, the almost all-white schemes on both BA and Air France Concordes was because they wanted to minimise heat build up on the larger areas of coloured paint with the standard schemes.

There were a few 'specials' done at various times, mostly in Air France aircraft, that had over-all colour schemes, like the famous 'Pepsi' scheme, but they may not have carried out any sustained supersonic flights.

In the Real World Concorde was considerred for a Royal flight aircraft, to be seconded from British Airways service.
However this proposal was rejected, Why? Well the doors etc were not wide enough to accomodate the standard Royal Household luggage.
So no Concordes.  :rolleyes:


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