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Right here's the discussion thread for this years One Week Build

Boys and girls enjoy 1WGB19.  International moderating this year, partly in the UK, partly somewhere else.  Will sort the poll out on the Tuesday after the GB closes - I'm back from 'somewhere else' by then.
I won't be throwing my hat into the ring build-wise - my build rate at the mo is such that I can't manage the one year GB!

I am toying with a few possibilities for this one.  I'd like to build something other than an aircraft (1/48 armour is a possibility) but one of Airfixes new mould single engined fighters in an alternative scheme is tempting.

I do know what I'm doing and it's a Wiff straight out of the box, so relatively straightforward hopefully

I'd love to, but it's my revision period for a course I'm doing.  I'm on my second year of four, so I probably won't be able to take part until 2022! :o

If I can get my mojo going, I might do a self imposed 1 week after my exams in July.


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