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Right I've volunteered to organise the 2013 Group Build and after some brief consultation with the other Mods we (read I) have again decided on a geographical based GB.

Now we have decided to go with Asia after a brief flirtation with Africa. I was hoping to underpin my definition of Asia by using the European Economic Comunities Geographical Nomenclature Codes which are the 3 digit code used to individualy identify all counties in trade documentation. They are also used in a lot of non EU countries. However with the breakup of the old Soviet Union the powers to be decided to issue all the new states created with "European Codes"  :banghead: even those which undoubtedly fall within what most would consider as being Asia. I have also departed from the standard list and included the Island of New Guinea within Asia rather then in Australasia, mainly becuase the East of the island is included with Indonesia.

The Middle East is excluded.

Siberia is an odd one as most of it falls within Russia which is a European country. I will allow Siberia if in your scenario it is either an independent country, or countries, or falls within the sphere of influence of an Asian country. I may need to clarify your thoughts here, so PM me if necessary.

So the builds can accommodate anything used by or used in Asian countries by either Asian or non Asian forces or civilian bodies/individuals.Once again you can let your minds run riot with this if so wished. If in your own world the Ming Empire survived and prospered then so be it. Again aircraft, ships, vehicles, figures and sci-fi are wellcome.

The build will start in early January and at that time I will start the main and sub boards. This initial notification is purely that and will thus be locked until early Jan. If anyone has questions then please PM me and I will either clarify maters for you or take your ideas on board for the builds parametres. In this way hopefully I can avoid having to rewrite anything once we get started. (probably a false hope I know, but hey I can try  :rolleyes:)

Don't forget that the start of a new GB doesn't mean the demise of the old one (it may become a Themed Build) and also doesn't exclude people starting new Theme Builds. We are not trying to restrict your modelling just hopefully giving some of you a focus.

Right as said initially I'm the point of contact for this, so any moans, suggestions and ideas PM me. This is particularlly true if you feel I have missed a country out of the list.

Finally a list of current countries to be included in the build. You can also use any historical countries or even made up ones that occupy the same land mass defined.

So until January 2013 get thinking.

Current countries to be included in the Asia GB

Brunei Darussalam  
Hong Kong      
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (North)
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Timor Leste

China, People's Republic of Often referred to as China
Korea, Republic of   (South)
Sri Lanka

Papua New Guinea    

Kyrgyz, Republic

It's been mentioned to me that I'd better mention the former colonial powers who held (not sure if there are any enclaves left ?) territory in the area. Now in your world they may have continued to rule or may have simply stayed on bases in the area or got involved in conflict - Korean and Vietnam Wars are the obvious examples but there are many more in real life and countless ones in your imagination.

So those powers were -

Great Britain
Russia (USSR)

I've added Russia (USSR) to the list as, as it has been pointed out to me, much of the country lies to the east of the Urals and therefore geographicaly falls within the classical definition of Asia. I had thought about it at the begining of my thought process but my 50's educated brain said "no, it's European" - the world has moved on however. I agree it does not fall naturally into the list of colonial powers but I've put it there anyway because I still "feel" it's a European power. However if you decide to build Russian (Soviet, Tsarist, whatever) based models the backstory must be Asian based
Decals my @r$e!