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WIATIRP LTV A-46GO Gulf Sensei
« on: September 12, 2009, 07:46:56 pm »
LTV A-46GO Gulf Sensei

Sensei background
The Sensei was developed by LTV from the Kawasaki T-4 trainer to meet the U.S. governmentís JATALCS (Joint Advanced Trainer/Advanced Light Combat System) requirement. Judged the runner up, considerable interest in the type was evident from potential export customers and LTV decided to continue with the typeís development to meet foreign demand. Major changes to produce the Sensei include more powerful Garret TFE731 engines, a glass cockpit and an open architecture digital avionics suite.

The first customer was Peru, which ordered an even mix of 24 T-46P and radar equipped F-46P in 2001. Cuba followed; acquiring 36 AT-46Cs. Bahrain and Oman and were next, with a joint order of Gulf Standard 14 T-46GB and 26 A-46GB for Bahrain and 12 T-46GO and 18 A-46GO for Oman. Kuwait has also purchased the Gulf Standard aircraft, with 10 T-46GK and 16 A-46GK currently being delivered. Bangladesh is the latest buyer, with 8 AT-46B and 12 F-46B on order for delivery in 2012-13.

The T-46 series are advanced lead-in fighter trainers tailored to customer requirements to meet the demands of supporting a combat force of 4th generation fighters. For trainers with an enhanced light combat capability (featuring a built-in gun), the AT-46 designation is used. The A-46 family meets the requirement for a modern light attack aircraft.  The most advanced of these are the A-46G Gulf Standard series, which is an international standard committed to spiral development backed by the nations of Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. The F-46 is a single seat light fighter, equipped with Sonyís Griffon lightweight radar. Supporting the Sensei is a network of virtual environment ground trainers, quality assured logistic management and continual improvement programs.

Gulf Sensei and WIATIRP
Both Bahrain and Oman employ their light combat A-46G series Gulf Sensei in support of the United Nations operations Iraqi Peace and Gulf Freedom. Using domestic bases and deployed to Talil in southern Iraq, the Gulf Sensei have been active against Iranian and Syrian backed insurgents in Iraq and in responding to Iranian violations of the UN enforced Gulf Demilitarised Zone (GDZ).  During combat patrols, Gulf Sensei sorties are often been switched from one UN Operation to the other as part of Central Commandís WIde Area Tactical Immediate Response Package management program (WIATIRP, pronounced the same as the American Wild West figure, Wyatt Erp).

To meet the differing demands of counter insurgency in Iraq and Iranian GDZ violations, Gulf Sensei on WIATIRP patrols carry an appropriate selection of ordnance. The standard load features an air-to-air refuelling boom, underwing fuel tanks, a centreline ATLIS 3 day TV/night FLIR  laser designator/range finder, an ASQ-213B ARM targeting pod, two AGM-132 Skipper III dual mode laser guided/anti-radiation missiles and a pair of ASRAAM self-defence air-to-air missiles.  The semi-conformal ventral GAU-2 Minigun  is useful for strafing.

To bring these weapons swiftly and safely into action, the Gulf Sensei features a comprehensive navigation, electronic and information warfare suite. Self-defence against radar guided threats is handled by a Rapport IV internal electronic counter measures system, networked with the ASQ-213B pod and defensive expendable dispensers. A Link 16 secure datalink combines with frequency agile encrypted radios for immersed netcentic operations.
The Gulf Sensei is an economic and hard-hitting member of the WIATIRP team, enabling the small air forces of Bahrain and Oman (and soon, Kuwait) to punch above their weight in the fight against enemy transgression.


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Re: WIATIRP LTV A-46GO Gulf Sensei
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2009, 05:53:56 pm »
Nice.  I've got one in the stash that was going the way of the T-45, now I think it'll take a detour into your universe.

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Re: WIATIRP LTV A-46GO Gulf Sensei
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2009, 01:23:59 pm »
Well done, Comrade Harps! I love the subdued color scheme and very complimentary markings.
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