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Before cutting up the Nord fuselage I started on this project. There wasn't much cutting involved actually, only the fuselage of the Potez as the hurricane was only a leftover (engine, prop and cockpitarea, can't remember were the tailsection was used for).

IMG_20180704_191328873 by Buddy Holly, on Flickr

Wing will become shaped like the famous Westland Hill Pterodactyl but with twin boom to please Tophe ( :mellow: ;D)

David (aka 63cpe)

OoooooooOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh! That looks VERY promising!  :thumbsup:

What's the clear bit at the front then?

Westland Wonderplane? (Very 30s, don't you think?)

Westland Wren?

Westland Wrillet? (long legged bird with an immensely long beak)

The clear bit is the front of a Potez 63-11......stashed several of the Azur models for it's weird looking transparancies  :mellow:

and you guessed it right it's to become a westland plane late 30-ies...inspired by the De Schelde S.21 but slightly bigger.

I like Willet....Westland Willet sound great.....maybe some more suggestions?


Westland Warlock

Westland Wyvern

Westland  Wolverine
Westland Witch

Westland Watchman

Witch was used, two-place parasol monoplane, first flight 30 January, 1928.


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