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Re: Chicka-deecals
« Reply #30 on: January 30, 2019, 04:42:49 pm »
So I have a decal request...a real world subject that I can't seem to find anywhere;  1/144 American Airlines Embraer E190.  Lots available for American Eagle E170/175s but no mainline 190 decals.  Same goes for USAirways. 

I'm an Instructor Pilot on the E190 at American and would love to be able to build a model of "my" airplane. WHIF decals for the 190 in old USAir colors would be nice too.

Next time you turn on the air con, spare me a thought: I now work in the factory that makes the air ducts for those. I spend all day making the risers that carry air from the underfloor ducts up around the cabin walls and into the overhead space. ;D :thumbsup:
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