Black Hawks over Korea

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F-87 Black Hawk of 548 Night Fighter Squadron , Korea 1951. The F-87 was the final Curtis product to enter service with the fledgling USAF and served with 3 night fighter squadrons before being replaced by F-89 Scorpions in 1953/54.

548 Squadron had been based in Japan as part of the Far East AF at the time of the North Korean invasion of the South and were thus part of the conflict from the beginning. However it was only once the Allies had retaken most of the peninsular and secured bases that the squadron could be based in Korea and saw some action and fired its guns in anger.

This particular aircraft was flown by Cap James Bradford and the radar operator was Lt Larry Lunt who had flown together before in P-61’s at the end of WWII. They were credited with 2 kills. 1 a North Korean Yak 9 which fell to their guns and the other a North Korean Po 2 night harassment aircraft which they destroyed with their jet wash after over shooting the target. There was some reluctance on the part of the USAF to award this kill as it was, to say the least, fortunate. However Lt Lunt’s father was a prominent local politician and after the story made the US press the UASF capitulated and awarded the kill. Historical note Bradford and Lunt did fly P-61's in the Pacific during WWII.

The kit is the Anigrand one and is undoubtedly the best fitting Anigrand kit I have ever had the pleasure to build. It was a really good one. The only addition was a gun pack made from a Meteor belly fuel tank. I figured they wouldn’t have got the proposed nose mounted gun turret to work. The main colour scheme is straight from a Humbrol spray can with details from Xtracrylic, Lifecolor and Humbrol. Markings are from the spares box, the Anigrand ones were a bit “iffy”, with the squadron badge coming from an Aero-master 1/48 scale P-61 sheet. Altogether an enjoyable project.

That looks BRILL Chris, and a believable backstory too.  :thumbsup: :bow:

How about an underside shot so we can see the gun pack please?

Glued to the base I'm afraid Kit. She's obviously got Canberra genes as there is a load of lead in her and she still wants to sit on her tail  :banghead:

The Meteor belly tank is a perfect fit and I just drilled 4 holes for 4 barrels (thin tube). You can just glimpse it in the 2nd last pic. I'll bring her to MK or Hendon

Thats a smart looking machine

comrade harps:
Very nice  :mellow:


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