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Mongolian Yak-3

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comrade harps:
Yefremov Aviation Ko-operative Yak-3
White 24, Mongolian Arat Fighter Escadrille
Personal mount of Combat Flight Leader Sainkhuu Yura
Odessa-East, Ukrainian Socialist Republic, August 1944

During the War Against Fascism, Mongolia contributed resources, food, troops and the Mongolian Arat Fighter Escadrille (MAFE) to the war against the European Axis powers. Because the Mongolian Socialist Republic had only a small air force and much of it was tied down defending the nation against possible Japanese or Chinese incursions, the Mongolian Arat Fighter Escadrille did not see action until April, 1944. At first it was equipped with Yak-9 fighters, but during the course of 1944 it re-equipped with the similar, but lighter and more agile Yak-3.

Combat Flight Leader Sainkhuu Yura was Mongolia's leading fighter ace during the War Against Fascism. A member of the Socialist Union's VVS from 1938, he scored his first kill in 1942. With the formation of the Mongolian Arat Fighter Escadrille, he transferred to join his national compatriots in December, 1943, with a score of 3 kills. More experienced in terms of flight hours than many of his Mongolian compatriots, he soon earned a reputation for his solid airmanship and by August, 1944, he had been credited with 9 kills. He went on to score a further 4 kills in Europe before returning home and flying in the August-September, 1945, offensive against Japan.

Now there's a nation I never expected to see represented in this GB, especially in this period.

Genius sir  :bow:

Captain Canada:
Yes, very nice ! Almost looks like a racing aeroplane !


Pretty darned awesome that is!  :thumbsup:

Is that 'squaral' the Mongolian national emblem or a squadron marking?

The Rat:
That is a handsome bit of work!  :cheers:


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