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« on: November 19, 2013, 08:11:36 am »
Right I've been thinking about the possibilities for the 2014 Group Build.

I was trying to somehow hang it on the 100th commemoration of the start of WWI. Now what I've come up with is this :

The build is based on countries and national borders extent as at 28th July 1914. So you can build/write/draw anything for any period operating in the service of those countries and involved in any operations conducted by those countries - real or imagined.

Now to some extent this presupposes that WWI didn't occur. That is a huge change in history as without WWI there is probably no WWII, at least in the form it actually took. However you are going to have the whole gamut of 19th/20th Century rivalries. France would still want Alsace-Lorraine back, Britain and Russia would still be playing the Great Game in Afghanistan, the USA still has a fixation with China whilst the other great powers see it as ripe for picking.

Now before anyone thinks this is restrictive, builds are not limited to WWI period stuff, it could be any period but using the countries and national borders extent as at 28/07/14. So in Europe you have The German, Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires. Germany still has Alsace - Lorraine. The Middle East is still basically Turkey with a "British" Egypt (although even that's complicated) and an independent Persia gradually coming under British influence. In Asia the Chinese Empire has just become a republic. The America's is quite complicated as I was surprised at how fluid national boundaries were until the late 1930's.

Communism could even start in Germany as Marx thought it would

It's really "the great game" continuing into the mid/late 20th Century. Does that make sense ?

Now I will lock this subject for a week to give you a chance to digest it. Anyone who has any questions or suggestions Im not a contortionist so clean ones if possible please can you please PM me and I will take your comments/concerns/suggestions on board. Im not 100% sure how this will work myself yet but I would really like to hang the GB on such a significant anniversary if at all possible.

Scooter has already done something along the lines Im suggesting with his Republik Kiautschou  scenario in this years Asiarama GB.

The 2013 GB will be left open and 2012 will be put in the Child Board.

Decals my @r$e!