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« on: November 30, 2013, 06:41:17 am »
Right after some considerable thought and anguish I am now going to go with the following as the 2014 GB. All refs to 2013 & 2012 in my previous post remain.

The GB is open to any build or story of any subject so long as it uses those countries/national borders in extent as at 31/07/1914.

So if you want WWI you can have it, if you want alternative causes for WWI you can have them (I realise I was probably being a little to fixated on Sarejevo).If you want to have any other other scenario you can have them.

The only stipulation is that the countries/borders used are pre WWI. So if you want to have a Cold War of the 60's/70's it will need to be based on either Imperial Russia v The West or a Communist Russia but within the 1914 boundaries (which isn't to far off what the Soviet Bloc was)

You can play with history say to the extent that India may well get Dominion status in the 20's but India/Pakistan would be out in my thinking.

I will answer questions and amend rules if there are any genuine areas/scenarios which fit into the overall framework that I have missed or where I've screwed up.


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