Spitfire T.14 MV320 'Z' of 17Sqn BC Air Japan, Miho, 1947

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Some background information; :rolleyes:
The British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF), was the name of the joint Australian, British, Indian and New Zealand military forces in occupied Japan, from 21 February 1946 until the end of occupation in 1952. At its peak, BCOF comprised about 40,000 personnel, equal to about 25% of the number of US military personnel in Japan.
The British Pacific Fleet initially provided most of the naval forces. The air contingent, known as BCAIR, initially comprised the Royal Australian Air Force No. 81 Fighter Wing, flying P-51 Mustangs, four Spitfire squadrons (including No. 11 and No. 17 of the Royal Air Force and No. 4 of the Indian Air Force), and No. 14 squadron of the Royal New Zealand Air Force flying F4U Corsair.
It was considered by the Air Ministry that the RAF and RIAF contingent should for reasons of prestige be equipped entirely with first class British equipment. For this reason it was decided that the Spitfire Mk XIV would be used.
The whole British Commonwealth contingent was to be commanded by Air Vice Marshal C A Bouchier, and would be known as the British Commonwealth Air Forces of Occupation Japan (BC Air Japan)
In order to provide for refresher and continuity training each Spitfire Squadron was to be equipped with a pair of Two seaters.
So enough history; :cheers:

Most of the historical information for this and the profile that inspired this build can be found in
'Camouflage & Markings No 5, RAF Fighters 1945-1950 Overseas based, by Paul Lucas.
Special thanks must go to 'the Wooksta' and Kitnut617  :thumbsup: :cheers:
For their ideas and suggestions, thanks chaps :drink:


Wonderful build Keith  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:, you've inspired another build for me too  :bow: :bow:

When I saw your build posted in the "other" thread I did wonder about the cammo and markings. Now I understand , great build  :thumbsup:

Captain Canada:
She came out real nice ! Love the look at it...definitely makes you do the old double take.


The Wooksta!:
I am soooo stealing that idea, although it would need a few mods.  Looks good though.


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