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Boomerangs. Or is it Boomeri ?Finished !

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Captain Canada:
Almost done with this pair, so figured I'd toss up a few pics. And somebody was asking.....

Had to glue down a pair of styrene strips to lift the Malcolm hood, as well as cut down part of the cockpit to get my lost and found glass to fit.....

The pair of them upside down, showing their tail hook arrangement. mounted at the trailing edge of the flaps and controlled by the same actuator. The hooks themselves were fashioned from wing leading edge fences from a hawk ( maybe ?)

Logan Hartke:
Carrier Boomerangs?!?!  That is SO right.  It's really quite practical, too.



The Rat:
Works a treat!  :thumbsup:

Old Wombat:
Navy Boomerangs!

AWESOME!!!  :party: :bow:

As Logan said, SO right!

And they're so small you could probably get 3 into the space occupied by any 2 other naval aircraft (apart from the F4F, perhaps).



Oh I like those  :bow:


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