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((An alternate development of the F-2 into a twin engine design.  An increase in the production of aircraft carriers in navies world wide created a need for a heavier version of the F-2 than Lockheed Martin's original proposal, capable of more rapidly deploying anti-shipping missiles to neutralize carrier threats.))

The Mitsubishi F-2 is a multirole fighter manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and co-developed Lockheed Martin for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, with a 70/30 split in manufacturing between Japan and the USA. Production started in 1996 and the first aircraft entered service in 2000. The first 76 aircraft entered service in 2008, with a total of 94 airframes under contract.[1] In FY2005, Ministry of Defense changed the category from Support Fighter to Fighter.

Now that's sleek  :thumbsup:

It's a flying model for the YS flight simulator software.  was just sitting in my backlog of work till i saw the GB theme and decided to finish it an release it.
Body is made out of 3 F-16C's spliced together.  Wings get thier geometry from a superhornet's tailplanes, Stabilators come from the one and only yf-23.  Despite attempts i could never really find worth while internal room for weapons.

Got her armed and flying.  wondering if i can find space to carry those sidewinders internally....

Looks good!
I think thare's a "valley" between the engines and their ductings on the bottom. If you enclosed that space, there might be space there to carry something internally.


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