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Love CAF Hornets?


Hey JHM,

Thanks for the plug!!! I've really got to spend some time updating the site. I'll be heading up to 4 Wing Cold Lake for my next Hornet ride later this month. I'll be adding tons more ref. photos and some in-flight shots. I'm also going to see about getting some 'alone-time' with the upgraded single and dual Hornet. Gotta stay current!!!

BTW, the new upgraded Hornets are officially known as:

CF-188M (single)
CF-188BM (dual)

At least this was the info I was given. The 'M' stands for modified.

Tilt :G

John Howling Mouse:

--- Quote ---BM stands for Bowel Movement !
--- End quote ---
Ha!  No kidding---my wife's gonna have a bird with this "BM" one.
Tilt, how the h-e-l-l are you managing to pull off "orientation" rides in Hornets since 9-11?  I just talked to another guy who used to be able to go on the flight ramp (his dad worked as an ACC for 30 years at Cold Lake) and he can't even do THAT anymore!

John Howling Mouse:
You're pretty much "right there" with this site!

[a href=\"http://members.shaw.ca/tilt441/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://members.shaw.ca/tilt441/[/a]

Captain Canada:
Ack !

BM stands for Bowel Movement ! Typical Canadian......


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