Author Topic: DONE @p.2 +++ 1:72 Saab 39A "Grýbhean" F.1, Republic of Scotland Air Corps, 2020  (Read 2766 times)

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Excellent! I need to build mine now!

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Late to the party, but have to agree with all above, brilliant work and the 'Flag on the Fin' is superb,  to the point where it looks like it might have been added electronically afterwards (long-winded way of say Photo-shopped!)

The in-progress pics of course confirmed it as yet another brilliant example of your work  ;D Well Done Sir!
Oh to be whiffing again :-(

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Absolutely magnificently modelled, good backstory and great pictures - well done! :thumbsup:

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Thank you very much, glad you all like it. In fact, I used the picture of a real-life waving Scottish flag as benchmark. It does not look too convincing when you get close, but from a distance the 3D effect is surprisingly effective, esp. for a simple work with brushes.  <_<

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I have to agree with our esteemed colleagues, Thomas, that fin flag is superb!
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That really is superb. Well done!!