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Out of Retirement - The Rules

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Right here's the proposed rules for the GB

1. This GB runs from the 1st November 2019 until midnight of 31st January 2020, all timings are local.

Extensions will be considered in the normal way nearer the date.

2. Quite simply your build must be of an aircraft/vehicle/ship/space craft/weapon etc that has been retired from active service and then for whatever reason brought back from retirement and put back into service. This can be in either the original or a modified state. If modified it should still be recognisable however when compared to the original. The build is not restricted to military types but includes both civil types and civilian users.

Finally if your choice of subject has more than one user and one of those has retired it, but the other ones have kept it in service, you are perfectly entitled to build a model of the type as brought back into service by that one user that retired it. As an example, when the R.A.F. retired the Harrier it remained in service with the U.S.M.C. and the Spanish A.F. Therefore for the purposes of this G.B. you could build a model of a Harrier brought back into service with the R.A.F. even though it had remained in use by the other services.

3. Models, drawings, artwork and stories are all eligible.

4. Models already started are allowed as long as major building work has not started before the GB begins. Check with the Moderators.

5. Finished models and profiles to be posted (with picture and link to build thread) in the finished builds thread within the overall GB thread in this Board. Please do not post comments in the finished builds thread.

6. Have FUN.

8. Moderators are Tom Z and Crude but Effective.

9. There is no rule 7, don't EVER ask about rule 7 (O.K. so sometimes itís another rule that doesn't get mentioned, but I like to mix it around a bit).

Sounds great to me! 


Old Wombat:
Rules? You mean there are rules!? :blink:

Rick Lowe:

--- Quote from: Old Wombat on October 08, 2019, 09:40:54 pm ---Rules? You mean there are rules!? :blink:

--- End quote ---

Tragic, but true.  :-\

So the way I read rule 2 para 2 is this.  The end user must be someone who had previously used the subject of the build and had retired it.  We can't bring something out fo retirement to be used by a new user?

Using the example of the Harrier - It would be OK to bring them out of retirement for use by the RAF but not for the RAAF as they hadn't used them prior to them being put out to grass?


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