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Martin H:
Ive been restoring one of my oldest whiffs. It suffered a major accident a few months ago so  i decided to rebuild and repaint it. Heres a few shots of it now its got its new decals on. Still got a few things to do with it before its finished.

this model was oringnaly built for a 15 foot long carrier deck diorama built a year or two before Tom started this site up. So yep its a bit long in the tooth lol. And yes its based on ye olde (and rare) Matchbox T 55 kit

And now for something a little differnt. A Toom!
Some of you may remember The F-4HL i built in 2006. That one was Fleet Air Arm. The HL was a proposed version that would have been able to operate of HMS Victorious and the American Essex class flat tops. A bigger wing, stretched airframe for bigger Rolls Royce engines ect ect ect. This model was started by Thorvic along side my original one, but he never compleated it and passed it over to me so I could clone the wings and airframe plug for a conversion set (didnt sell to well). i finaly used one of the spare wing sets to compleat the build and I also started a third one that will be in US navy markings. I chose the RAF for this one as I already had a Royal navy one. This one is a ground pounder pretty much in place of the Tonka.

Its based on the Matchbox kit with a few bits robbed from various Tornado kits.

And finaly one ive been doing for my club's Scale model world display.

Its the Italeri kit with the old Airfix Top gun mig decals

Excellent job  :thumbsup:

Great stuff! 

I love the Sea Lightning.  Shame that one never saw the light of day. 

Brian da Basher:
Those are some very nice clean builds there Martin. I especially like your all black Top Gun MiG markings. Pure eye-candy!
 :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Brian da Basher

Lovely kits all three Martin.  I'm especially keen on the Lightning swinger.  I was planning on doing something similar just before I discovered this site, I'd bought BSP Fighters & thought 'godda build that!'.  I picked up two 1/48 Lightnings with the idea of the delta wing version & donating it's wings to the swinger, hopefully so I could get them functioning.

It was just as I was getting back into modelling, took me a while, but I realised I needed to walk before I could run!  So the projects gone on the indefinate back burner, I might do it in 1/72 now the Trumpeter kit is out.  May be some time before I do it, but I'm sure I will some day.


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