Prefered putty?

Started by Shasper, January 17, 2006, 08:04:43 AM

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Daryl J.

Magic Sculpt for most things.    Less than $15US got me 5 lbs of the stuff, infinite shelf life, sands to a high shine.  No shrinkage, adheres better than Milliput, can be scribed without chipping.   Ordered direct from manufacturer.   Smells like amonia when first opened up.

Mr. Surfacer 500 for the rest.

I've formally divorced Squadron Green putty.

Daryl J.


Epoxy putties:
Aves, Magic Sculpt, Milliput etc (the first epoxy putty I ever used, around 1982, was the Duro blue & yellow ribbon type, you mixed the
ribbons together until you had an even green colour).

Polyester two-part fillers:
Bondo (the bog standard bog  ;D ) and my preferred type,  Evercoat White Marine Filler for fibreglass boat repair.

Acrylic lacquer glazing/surfacing putties:
3M Blue Acryl and my favorite, Spies-Hecker Permacron Fine 7715, a golden beige in colour and hands down the best I've ever used.

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Re the Presto stuff I mentioned on page 2 of this thread, it seems it's German but I can't find a UK distributor, so where I got it from I have no idea.

Does anyone in UK recognise it who could give me some pointers, or is there one of our Euro members who might know a dealer who'd sell it to me from over there please?

This is what the tube looks like.

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Still the "Old Standard", Green Putty in a tube is my preference because I can "thin" it with lacquer thinner or liquid cement either before it goes on, or afterwards. I also use a wooden drink-stirrer (like a very wide, flat  toothpick) soaked in lacquer thinner to spread it (the lac-thin helps keep "friction" down so the wooden tool glides smoothly over the putty). I have taken to use plastic card or other solid filler for all but the thinnest top coat so that there is no "soft", uncured putty anywhere underneath when I begin to carve/sand.
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Doc Yo

 Its Aves for big fills, Squadron white for dings and seams. I'd like to try the 3m Acryl blue, but haven't been able to find it locally.


Since I last posted here, I've changed my preference to Mr Surfacer 500, occasionaly using Mr Surfacer 1000 for those little bits the 500 can't reach.
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Plastic models, Tamiya Grey putty.

Resin models, Tamiya or Squadron green.

Wooden models, Squadron green or the white.
Card models that will be painted, Squadron white or Liquid Paper correction fluid, and for reinforcing edges or making able to sand - CA glue.
Small pinholes or rivet fills - Mr Surfacer, CA slow drying, or Liquid paper correction fluid.
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Recently I've been using Tamiya white putty. This seems to work better than the gray Tamiya putty I had before: the white stuff is a nice consistent paste, while the gray variant was more grainy. That may have been caused by the tube drying out, though.


Doesn't ANYone use that Presto stuff, apart from me that is?

I'll email the manufacturer and see if they'll sell direct. With my luck they'll probably want to sell me a dozen boxes minimum!
Any aircraft can be improved by fitting longer wings, and/or a longer fuselage

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Today it was reported that a famed plastic modeller, Kit speckman, creator of the infamous spoof Meteor PR.19 was hurt when several hundred kilograms of Presto modelling putty fell on him from on top of the wardrobe in his modelling room...     ;D ;D
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My preferred choices ;

Revell Plasto ( I know it sometimes separates but, putting some on to a bit card & giving a wee mix will take care of that!)
Milliput or, if you cannot get it, try plumbers two part epoxy putty. It's similar stuff with similar properties & I get mine at B & Q or Homebase. Price is similar to milliput

Mr Surfacer 500/1000 ( if you can FIND it!!)
Gunze Sangyo Mr Dissolved Putty

The latter two I apply using a cotton bud & wiping the excess off with another cotton bud dipped in Isopropyl alcohol. That's medicinal alcohol of the type used to swab your skin clean before an injection
I also find that Mr Dissolved Putty doesn't shrink as much as Mr Surfacer

You pays your money, you takes your choice!! ;D

I've tried two part car body filler but, I didn't like. I don't use polyfilla either. Doesn't adhere well to plastic & it crumbles too easily.

Oh, I nearly forgot - Tippex (type writer correction fluid). Water soluble & very good for small gaps. I just wipe off the excess while wet using a damp cotton bud ( Great modelling tools cotton buds!!) ;D
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I emailed the manufacturers of my fave Presto putty some weeks ago, but no reply.  :banghead:

So, for our European members, could one of you see if you could buy me some of this stuff from a local auto sales outlet please? Perhaps six tubes would see me through my potential modelling life and I'll gladly pay over the odds for the stuff and the postage.

This is what the tube looks like.

I'd be very grateful if anyone could help out.

And no, there isn't a gross of tubes on top of my wardrobe, I checked.......  ;D
Any aircraft can be improved by fitting longer wings, and/or a longer fuselage

...and I'm not a closeted 'Take That' fan, I'm a REAL fan! :)



I've been using the Valejo putty for some time now.  I find it easier to use than Milliput.   Big jobs, I still use Milliput, most other jobs, its multiple layers of Valejo.   All works well, filling in surfaces which have been scoured by sandpaper.
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Pratley Original putty & last night I used Milliput Superfine for the 1st time. Pleasantly surprised  ;D
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I find Testors Shaping Putty to be pretty good for small jobs, but you have to be careful sanding it because it isn't the hardest material in the world.
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