Prefered putty?

Started by Shasper, January 17, 2006, 08:04:43 AM

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Just curious as what everyones preference is, I'm thinking about switching from wood filler so something else like bondo or milliput.

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I use Humbrol filler, dries quickly and sands easily (too easily sometimes  <_<  )
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I'm using Squadron Green at the moment. It really sticks well, but also does a number on the plastic if you're not careful, I wouldn't recommend it on thin sections. It seems to clean off fairly easily with a 9/1 mixture of elbow grease and rubbing alcohol.
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Bondo red spot and glazing auto putty. Gave up using the squadron greens and white when I found this stuff, sandable in about an hour. I use superglue for filling alot too.

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QuoteBondo red spot and glazing auto putty. Gave up using the squadron greens and white when I found this stuff, sandable in about an hour. I use superglue for filling alot too.
I've used Squadron Green for as long as I can remember, but I've read some good things about Bondo red glazing putty and I'm thinking of trying some.  Any hints or tips for someone switching Leigh?

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Tamiya putty in the tube or me, but I also have taken a shine to Mr Surfacer 500.

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I've read Mr. Surfacer mentioned in reviews and build reports quite a bit, but had no idea what it was until my LHS had a single bottle on the paint display for $3, so I bought it.  It's Mr. Surfacer 1000, but apart from the words "Mr Surfacer" and "Made in Japan" there aint a lick of English on the bottle, so I'm a bit in the dark as to what to do with it.  I assume you brush it on the seams, let it dry and sand it.  Am I missing anything?
So I got that going for me...which is nice....


Aeroplanedriver: yup, it's essentially a thick paint that has a strong tendency to self-level (so no brush streaks to worry about). You'll need lacquer thinner to clean the brush, and it stinks enough that I always use my respirator mask when working with the stuff.
It dries quickly.

As for putty: I use Mr. Surfacer, Tamiya putty (although that dries too quickly for my taste), and Milliput.  


My current filler of choice is good old Polyfilla. It's chemically inert sand's in about an hour, quicker if you're only using a small amount. The best thing I find about it, is that it's very easy to work with, and it costs the same for a kilo tube of it as it does for a small tube of Milliput or Humbrol stuff
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bondo glazing putty for the big stuff, squadron green for the smaller bits, and Mr. Surfacer for the fine.  Do have a tube of squadron white, but I hate the grainy texture, but when you are doing a white model, you need it.


Tamiya Putty for me, I do have some Bondo stuff, but I find it too fine, it shrinks alot too.  I'm searching for 3M Acryl Blue putty, which is supposed to be the best ever.  Scott van Aken only uses that thing on his models.



I like that stuff too...can't do as wide of a seam as bondo, but as long as you avoid airfix kits, it's fine. LOL...
  Call your local auto body repair shop...if they won't sell you a tube, they can tell you where to get one. One tube lasts years, too.


Been there, done that Greg.

Even the autoparts do not carry it around in tubes, they only sell those lousy tins.

I even asked them to get me some with the P/N, but they sent me the can.



won't these guys ship to you???  if they won't, let me know...I can pick up a tube and send it up.



I have finished my old (very nice!) Humbrol tube :) , and started an old Testors tube: rather bad :( , smelling like a French cheese (I hate, no matter what my nationality is) and with 2 parts flowing : like-syrup liquid and gel, bad :( ... I wanted to order another Humbrol but the mail shop had none, and I got a Tamiya one. I have not tried it yet but I am glad that some of you appreciate it, meaning it will be better than the Testors... :)  
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