Lockheed P-80A for the U.S. Navy (1945)

Started by jzichek, November 15, 2011, 10:23:18 PM

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So many plans and ideas, so little time...  :-\ But I have, beyond the P-80 basis, also found an RT-33 nose (Heller) and consider the transplant of the F-86D canopy section from my recent FJ-5 build. Yes, that's serious uglification, but it will certainly look different.  ;)


Lockheed did propose a fighter version of the T2V-1.
A USN P-80 in a roundabout way.

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Well, I'll take my comment about uglification back... Looks like an F-94/T2V kitbash, and this could even be done, there are appropriate donor kits available. Seems to be armed with Sparrows and Sidewinders?


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