The Results Are In! And The Winner Is....

Started by AeroplaneDriver, February 09, 2022, 03:02:00 PM

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Glad that the Marlin was well received! Humbled and honored, thank you. Great job everyone.

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Quote from: TomZ on February 10, 2022, 12:54:32 PM
For the Whiffies I think I will stick to the "old fashioned" way of having poll entries without pictures and the pictures in the text beneath.
However I'm open to suggestions to make thing better next year.


This has IMHO always worked well.


Well done to the winners and thank you to AeroplaneDriver for modding. :thumbsup:

I voted for the winner for once - yay!  ;D

On the subject of polls, I too found that I had to be very careful and double-check that I'd ticked the right boxes before posting. I think that smaller pics would certainly help, especially with more space between them (if that's technically possible).

EDIT: just done a quick test. I think the best option is probably to have just the names in the actual poll, but then have a list with name, 200 pixel pic and link in the initial post on the thread.
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Well done to the winners  :thumbsup: and a hearty thanks to the Moderators  :bow:

As for the Polls. I to find the general issue of having pictures in the poll itself can be confusing. That's why when I set them up I don't even try to do it. Quite simple to go through the Finished Builds thread, which is why we have it *, take a note of what you are voting for and then go and vote on a straightforward list.

Sometimes it's far easier to remain in the Age of "Pen and Pencil"  ;)

* Keeping the Finished Builds thread clear of comments is helpful as well
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