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Some random notes (and a placeholder for them) for the universe I like to play in (3 Little Maids, Pirates of Hyperspace, Bounty Huntrix, etc.)
The Solarian Union

By the late 27th Century , Earth had a stable world government, colonial outposts throughout the solar system and had taken a long leap out of the cradle with long established colonies in the sectors surrounding Sol.  Early stage colonies were busy forming the second wave of colonization, establishing Sol's control of even more space.  With the establishment of long range colonies on 40 Eridani, Procyon, Eta Cassiopeia, and Tau Bootis, a push for bureaucratic reform made its way through the colonial legislatures and parliaments, as well as the Terran Parliamentary Senate.
A treaty circulated through the multiple regional legislatures formally establishing the Solarian Union, with Sol, and Earth, as the focal point and capital.  The Union claimed sovereignty over a 40x40x40 lightyear area of the Milky Way and continued to expand in all directions.

By the mid-29th Century, the Solarian Entente had expanded to encompass a 320x320x320 lightyear area and included the Áflar.  But friction with outer colonies resulted in a short civil war, resulting in a loss for the Entente by forces of the newly independent Ceti Imperium.  A second civil war resulted in the loss of the Gamma Tucanae sector and the establishment of a New Roman Republic/Empire.
The Solarian Union has made inroads into additional sectors, but, according to Socrates Cuthbert Burdon, political social science professor at Enterprise University on Fomalhaut, inertia set in the early 30th Century, after the defeat of Entente forces by what has since become the New Roman Empire.

Solarian Military
During the earliest years of Earth's expansion, the Army and Navy were made up of natural-born humans.  After the first expansions into uncharted space, Solarian forces began to plus up with life expectancy-limited clones, commanded by non-cloned officers.  This, however, caused a problem during the Gamma Ceti revolt when entire ships' complements and whole battalions of clones reached their built-in expiration date.  The natural born humans still serving in the Army and Navy were barely able to suppress the mutiny, their numbers significantly fewer than their clone troopers.
After the Gamma Ceti War, the Union's cloners removed the built-in expiration date.  While still rapidly aging, the clones were able to develop more experiences; reportedly some even developing true sentience and refused to give in to their fate.  Rumors spoken in spacer bars tell of entire Earth-type planets inhabited by clones from ships reported lost with all hands.

Solarian Internal Security Bureau
Pending development
The F-106- 26 December 1956 to 8 August 1988
Gone But Not Forgotten

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I have this vision of an old style RSM striding around the parade ground kicking a load of time expired clones who are laying on the parade ground screaming "get up you lazy B'tards" and one or two of them being so scared that they do  ;D
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