What If ideas/goals for the upcoming year, what are YOUR plans?

Started by SigfanUSAF, December 31, 2012, 08:40:25 AM

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Here's my list of A/C goals for 2013, all in 1/48th of course :thumbsup:

1) 1980's Convair B-58 in SIOP camo, still in its prime in the Reagan era.......

2) 1990's Fairchild A-10A with two (maybe four) SUU-23 20mm gun pods on the wing pylons, the ultimate strafing machine.......

3) 1980's Grumman A-6E Intruder in USAF service, maybe in Euro I camouflage......

4) 1960's USAF Boeing DB-17G (I have the drones/pylons from Italeris 1/48th DC-130).......


well, at the moment, i have 4 realworld Seaking Mk.48's (2 of those are build on special order) on the bench.
i have a Dutch F-4E Phantom II thats been on the bench for a few months now, wanna get that completed before starting anything else.

one of the first new projects im starting in 2013, is a Belgian 1/72 JAS-39C Gripen.
i also have that A400M i would like to get started soon, allong with a large number of 1/144's.

i really dont have a view of what im gonna next, could go anywhere on that field.
on the bench:

-all kinds of things.


You've got to be kidding! You want a list? Ready to read 'War & Peace'?  :lol:

* Finally finish the '49 Ford dirt track car!
* Finish '67 Corvette powered-by-blown-Caddiliac Convertible Gasser.
* Finish the chassis for my short track 2002 Impala Stock Car built for an ARCA-like series.
* Get the second kit to start building the "Princess Diana" space freighter.
* Start a 'Abandoned & Stripped' Kurtis Craft Midget with trailer.
* Start the '62 Chevy Impala tow car for the '49 Ford.
* Start planning for what I will do with the Torino Talledega
* Build a Modified with no body work or tires/wheels on it to go next to the '37 Chevy Modified I want to send to the Motor Museum in Miniature.
* Figure out where I'm going with the '37 Chevy Pick-up/ '41 Willeys chassis.
* Figure out what I'm going to do with the '67 Mustang GT 500 my kid started and lost parts to. :banghead:
* Same thing with the '96 Corvette GS I have no idea what he has done to.

Other than that, not much.  ;D
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Well, if it's just 2013 we're talking about, I have a few ideas in mind:
* Build a Stealth CVN out of the Tamiya 1/350 Enterprise kit.
* A very unique F/A-18E in a very unique camouflage scheme and markings. ;) Can't say much. It's CLASSIFIED.
* Update my old HMS Habakkuk model with new aircraft, new display base, and a new display case.
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best wishes to all for the new year that is upon us!

My goal ? To have as much fun as possible :D building whifs .

Two new whifs are Work In Progress (hint : both are 1/35 armour kits). Couple of new ideas thought of in the last couple of days.
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There isn't enough storage space on the site for any list that I may produce!  :o

In actuality what I'll probably do is convert a few of the VAST number of my un-finished RW projects into Whiffs, as that'll give me a running start for the year. But even that may take a while as I've got to FIND the darn things first, aaaaaggghhhhh!  :banghead:
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The Wooksta!

The Plan, obviously.

But I'm also toying with some Hunter whiffs, a two seat 1083 based trainer for a start, a supersonic Huntsman as I've all the bits, and possibly a T-Tail FGA9. 

Plus some 1081 and Sea Hawk trainers.

If I had the money, I do a cross kit with a Frog Shackleton and a Magna Ashton to do a nosegear Tudor with Griffons (but more likely Merlin 85), AEW radome and 8 Sqn markings.  The remains would make a jet Shackleton.

There's also that Griffon Lincoln I was thinking of, using a Contrail Lincoln fuselage and a Shackleton wing.
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The Plan:


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war of the worlds thunderchild dio.....
ov-10 stol jet
future large aircraft flying battleship and two fighters
thunderbird trubute
vtol tsr2
super tsr2
hell for leather tsr2 666

all to finish sometime this year
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Finish a project I started over a decade ago - USS Hudson City, AON-5, the military half-sister of NS Savannah.
Finish a couple real world carriers - 1/720 USS Midway and 1/540 USS Saratoga
Finish my little armour kit dioramas.
Finish anything else that's been started.
Finish, finish, finish! That's my theme!  ;D
And also sell or give away those kits I really won't ever build. Gotta be honest with myself.
In want of hobby space!  The kitchen table is never stable.  Still managing to get some building done.


Finish lots of planes (RW or Whiff) that I've started to build last year (for example the Focke-Wulf upgraded Moskito...)

And build all the planes for my fictional aircraft manufacturer...
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CF-105 production variant, Norway
Hawker Seahawk, Norway in winter
Right now I need kits with few parts and simple assembly

That's a rather all order for me.