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Excuse my ignorance Nils, but is a Vlog a video blog ?  Otherwise it's a tribe Noggin the Nogg found in the frozen north
Decals my @r$e!


Quote from: NARSES2 on May 01, 2013, 07:16:47 AM
Excuse my ignorance Nils, but is a Vlog a video blog ?

yes it is, but i doubt that idea will ever see the light of day  :-\
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Blog entry #20 (edited)

high activity on the bench, im currently finishing up a 1/144 Shwalbe UAV (Unmanned version of the Me262, using a cheap revell microwings kit). i also just started another quick build, a revell 1/144 Ju-87 Stuka.

the stuka will be used as a testmodel for a future German escort Carrier (or MAC ship (Merchant Aircraft Carrier).
meanwhile, im also finishing up a 1/125 mine hunter (see the NVMS Hannigan thread).
still, little to no change of the NH90's and Spitfire F.22. my 2 earlier announced projects (1/72 Belgian EC635 and EC665 Tiger) have been put on hold till the spitfire and Hannigan are finished. also on the WW3 list is a German Army EC145 in SAR markings. i started the assebly some time ago, but its kinda on hold aswell.

its currently WW2 week on the National Geographic channel, and it kinda has my WW2 mojo going.
looking back at my earlier, ill fated, WW2 beyond '45 theme, i knew i should have gone for a europe '41 themed build.
documentaries on NatGeo actually gave me ideas for '41 themed models, such as Belgian Spitfire Mk.1's (2-bladed prop version), Douglas DB-7, Caproni Ca311 and BP Defiants. as well as Netherlands Hawk-81's, Douglas Devestators and Lockheed Hudsons, Danish Bf109E (pre-war),....kinda got me thinking about Belgian Lancasters and Dutch B-17's (if only i had the shelf space). could even see a couple of German Aircraft carriers like the Graf Zeppelin and Seydlitz.

i started thinking about scenario's where the Belgian Army Aviation withdrew to the Belgian Congo to regroup and re-equip.
seeing Belgian, British, American and French armies operate allongside each other in the Africa theater.

the earlier planned videoblog, not going to happen, turns out im not that videogenic as i thought  :rolleyes:

last night i started reading "Japanese Secret Projects", very nice read, plenty of IJN'46 ideas to chose from.
i notice the same place where i ordered it from also has the book on the carrier Graf Zeppelin, so thats on the future library additions list  ;D

oh, and BTW, this friday (at least in Australia and the pacific), there is going to be a Solar eclipse (just like last time 18 years ago in Europe, its on my birthday, what a coincidence  :lol: )

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Blog Entry #21

finished with the Spitfire F.22, time to go back to business as usual.
thinking i would give 1/144 a rest for a while, gotten re-equanted with 1/72.

still on the bench, aside from the RW stuff, there is this half started EC145, witch i have no idea what to do with.
looking at the decal stash, i think i might build it as either a Angolan, Lybian (khadafi-era) or Czech version.
still need to look into the Belgian EC635 project, i have the roundels/flags but i dont have the serials yet.
i was thinking of an E-** serial, with the E-standing for Eurocopter, dont know the codename for the EC635, could name it Egret or Erne, that way i can keep the E-serial (like how the H-** serial on the A109BA, with the H standing for Hirundo.)

also, i found an idea with what to do with that old Mastercraft F-16B i have in the attic.
yesterday i was watching the DVD of the movie "Jewel of the Nile", and it gave me an idea  ;D
all i need is a 1/72 scale Michael Douglas, Katheen Turner and an arab nomad  :lol:

looking at 1/72 builds, im thinking of Getting some 1/72 trainer/COIN jets, im eyeing a Kawasaki T-4, BAE Hawk 120 and a K-8 Karakum.
one of these im planning to build as a Belgian, as an Alpha Jet replacement (i was thinking of a M-346, but isnt available and the Yak-130 is a but hard to find here atm).

browsing through my favorite online model store, ive been making a wishlist for 1/72 kits i would like to have for the WW3 build, asside from the models i already have, ive been looking at newer craft, such as the A-model Ka-60 Kasatka, Hobbyboss A-10B, Trumpeter J-10, JF-17 and J-20, Italeri A-129, Ka-52 and C-27J,...

friday the 10th was my Birthday, and after the setbacks i had on that day in the last 2 years (2 years ago, my sister left her husband, and last year, my dad cut 2 of his fingers off while sawing wood (dont worry, he still has all 10 of them)) the day went really well and uneventfull  :thumbsup:
on a lighter note, today i have exceded 4000 posts on this forum (nothing big, but hey  :rolleyes: )

unemployment is starting to get to me, even though im still modelling, boredom starts to be a pain. ive also gained some weight, 5 kilo's over the past 5 weeks, im weighing in at 90.5 kilograms (little under 200lbs), and i can stand to lose 10 to 15 kilo's (22 to 33lbs)
so i decided to go on a diet. i tried one 6 months ago, but i couldnt stay on it, now im gonna have another shot at it.
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Blog Entry #22

there has pretty much been no activity over the past week, as i just couldnt find the motivation.
last weekend's trip to Blankenberge was cancelled due to bad weather, this friday, the Belgian Defence is hosting an open day at its ATCC facilities in Semmerzake (near Ghent), and the weather does not look good, i might have to cancel that plan aswell.

the weather here has been horrible, in the past month, we only had about 2 days of sunshine, next weekend they are even talking about snow (in may?!) for the ardennes.

the bad weather, allong with unemployment is making very irritable, grumpy and extremly angry inside. at some point i almost want to break down and cry. could be a depression building up, but its to early to tell. i need to get out, get some fresh air, go places, somewhere where i can jumpstart my creative mojo again. the reccesion here is really starting to take its toll on my mental health.

but enough with the depressing rants (sorry, just needed to get it out of my system).

thought its about time to get into some Styrene Therapy, i really gotta start finishing some of the models i started on so long ago.
the 1/72 Dutch F-4E has been sitting there for almost a year now, allong with a 1/144 F-117N.
the EC145 i started on about 2 weeks ago, i decided to go for a German Army SAR helo.
but before any of those continue, im gonna have a look at some of my non-modelling related long term projects.

more soon....
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Hang in there, I know the feeling of being out of work but if you keep looking something will turn up. It did for me, not ideal but it pays the rent and my travel expenses, plus a few kits from time to time.
Ever tried Trade Plate driving?


Quote from: McColm on May 24, 2013, 12:31:04 PM
Hang in there, I know the feeling of being out of work but if you keep looking something will turn up. It did for me, not ideal but it pays the rent and my travel expenses, plus a few kits from time to time.
Ever tried Trade Plate driving?
sounds like a good idea, but i have one problem regarding that, i dont have a drivers license  :-\ (i did 2 theoretical tests and failed, hopefully 3rd times the charm).

Blog Entry #23

this week, im kinda finishing up long overdue builds, beginning with the refit of my first 1/144 aircraft carrier (ex-Belgian Navy BNS Dendermonde) into a STOBAR carrier. im also gonna start on 2 1/144 MIG-29K's this week, to make up the strike package.
as for a colorscheme, i kinda have my mind set on the US Navy 60's grey/white scheme.

a 1/72 Dutch F-4E Phantom also needs to get finished at some point (just decals, landing gear, and armament) aswell as a 1/144 F-117N SeaGoblin.

the WW3 build is kinda on a stalling point at the moment, due to writers/modelers block.
but im still looking into getting extra kits for the storyline, but with my current unemployment situation, i kinda started cutting my hobbybudget, and save up some money, cause i dont know how long this will take given the EU financial crisis and continuos "Social dumping". so its better to have something stuffed away in case of emergencies (medical expences, unexpected taxes, sudden replacements of broken items,...). luckily i still live with my parents and have no serious downpayments/debts (i still need to pay rent, internet and TV bills of course).

its just another dark page, but there is always light after the darkness. i still believe better things are coming my way.
im still struggling with stress from unemployment and unexplained high bloodpressure and weightgain.

but i have started improving myself, i have picked up my weapons ans started fighting back.
im going on a diet, trying to loose at least 20lbs.  started look more activly for work, but without falling down to the level of an immigrant (like what happened last month, i get more from unemployment benefits in a month then the salary they offered), i havent lost my dignity yet. so any employer who offers me a pay below my educational/experience level, gets the word NO.

the battle againt personal austerity has begun.

more soon...
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Blog Entry #24

i have been stuck with a bit of a cold for the past few days now, so a good opportunity to clean off the worktable and continue with a few kits.
i currently doing the final touches on a RW Belgian NH90-TTH, but will be a part of the what-if WWIII storybuild. after that, im gonna start work on another RW NH90, namely a Belgian NFH version.
i also just started resoring an old 1/144 UH-60 back into a presentable condition, painting it as a Netherlands Air Force version.
i also need to finish 2 1/144 MIG-29K's for my refurbished 1/144 Aircraft Carrier.

looking further down the line, ive also started looking for space to place a 1/72 Airbus A400M, witch i quite a huge piece of kit, to make room, i might have to cancel my plan to build another 1/144 aircraft carrier (small German escort carrier).
i have had my eyes on this Italeri 1/72 XB-35 bomber for some time now, and i think it would look great in my '1946 collection next to the AR.555 i have in the stash.

oh, and i have been thinking of doing some changes in the WWIII storyline, such as Turkey becoming a new European military superpower, Chinese vs. West conflicts on the African continent, a new Russian Missile crisis,...
this can, atm, all be done with the current stash and weapons resources i have, so expect something on that soon.
also on the list of soon-to-start projects is an RAF P-8i Neptune MRA.1.

but, as i mentioned before, first im gonna look at finishing what is already started on the bench  :mellow:

on the bench at the moment:

-1/72 NH90-TTH, Belgian AF (90% completed)
-1/72 EC-145, West-German Army (5% completed)
-1/144 MIG-29K New Flanders Navy (50% completed)
-1/144 F-117N Sea Goblin (20% completed)
-1/72 F-4E Phantom II, RNLAF (75% completed)

the Spitfire Racer i planned to start building has been cancelled.
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Blog Entry #25

the bench is clearing, as yesterday i have finished 2 of the larger 1/72 project, the first of 2 RW Belgian NH90's (the TTH version) and the 1/72 Dutch F-4E Phantom have now left the bench and onto the shelf.
also  a small number of models for the WWIII storybuild have now been finished and will be posted here soon.

next to finish are the 2 1/144 New-Flanders Navy MIG-29K's. another build on the table is a 1/72 German Army EC145 in SAR configuration (UH-1D replacement). but that project might be moved to the "near-to-long term" list where the F-4 used to be.

also, i have been concidering restarting my cancelled extended "WW2: Beyond '45" theme build
see: http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php/topic,34057.msg538065.html#msg538065

however, im thinking to either continue the exsisting thread, or start over from zero, story would then include a failed normandy landings, a succesfull German invasion of Britain, where the British armed forces are forced to withdraw to the US mainland, India, Iceland and Canada. might even feature some Luftwaffe Amerika bombers, RAF Victory Bombers, US intercontinental bombers,....
to complement the storyline, a 1/72 Italeri XB-35 has been ordered, i have been eyeing that kit for some time now  :mellow:
im just about to start on a Revell 1/72 Arado Ar.555 bomber

ive also been doing some research on german rocket/missile development, and im kinda looking into scratchbuilding some Hs117 surface-to-air Missiles, aswell as other systems.

i have also been doing more research on German Aircraft carriers, Hitler's Germania (rebuilt Berlin), Nazi nuclear weapons program and a scale-o-rama of a 1/48 Arado AR.234 into a 1/72 Lufthansa jet airliner, connecting the anexed countries with Germania.
of course im not gonna let the germans have all the good stuff, also planned are USAAF/RAF/Allied fighters, Bombers, carriers, ships...

i still need to work out the viability/affordability/shelfspace for the project...

Bench Status:

1/144 MIG-29K (2 aircraft, 50% completed)
1/72 EC-145 Heersflieger SAR 5% completed, moved to near-to-long term list)
1/144 F-117N Sea Goblin (20% completed)
1/72 Arado Ar.555 (about to  start)
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Blog Entry #26

model production here is in full swing, long due projects are finally getting done and others completed.
following the end of my Airwolf Mk.3 build and the 2 1/144 MIG-29K's, the benchs more and more empty.

i havent been in the mood to complete my F-117N but i might look into the next week (just to get things moving).
2 new project are about to get started, both 1/72. the first is a 1/72 Arado Ar.555 for the 'WW2 beyond '46 GB over on BTS.
the second is a 1/72 Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA, in Royal Genovian Air Force markings (see movie: The Princess Diaries 1 &2, got both films for Whiff research purposes........OK, and Anne Hathaway  :wub: (before she looked like a tomboy))

OK, back to the point.

for the T-50 (Su-45), im planning to open up the bottom and fit 2 weapons bays. as for armamant i think imgonna equip it with 4 AMRAAM's or Meteors and 2 AIM-9X (or IRIS-T) in the sidebays  :mellow:
i have another T-50 kit in the stash, but that will become a Russian Air Force strike fighter, im planning on getting a set of ICM 1/72 Russian modern Air to Ground ordanance (to also be used on the Mig-37, Mig-1.44 and possibly an Su-30/35).

i might even take a small 1/144 model in between as a sideproject, dont know what yet.
but before all that, i gonna start making more space on the shelves (running out of space, FAST!)  :rolleyes:

Bench Progress:

-1/72 Arado Ar.555 (0% progress)
-1/72 Sukhoi Su-45 (T-50, about tot start)
-1/144 NVMS Jan Zonder Vrees (refit 90% complete)
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Blog Entry #27.

2 main projects on the bench this week, an 1/72 Arado Ar.555 and a 1/72 T-50 PAK-FA.
both models are currently in various stages of building, with the T-50 now mostly assemble (except for the landing gear).
one thing i shoulf mention, is that the bottom fuselage of the Revell/Zvezda T-50 is a real pain to build.
had some problems with the fitting of the intake cowlings and the main wheelbays, serious fitting problems, not what you would expect from such a recent kit. not much hope for when im gonna start on the second kit on a later date.

im also been looking to the continuation of my WWIII storybuild, im already working on a number of projects and many more in the pipeline. an DDR-NVA IL-76 is pretty much done, and work has been going good on a Fokker F100 SOSTAR-X.
with Revell now re-releasing the Airbus A330-300 kit, i no longer have to convert that A340 i have stored in the attic. so that aircraft might be built a militarized aircraft, Maybe a tanker, SIGINT/ELINT, AEW&C or VVIP aircraft, propably in French markings.
the future A330 (and even the A350) could also have future military WHIF versions. the announcement of the Tu-144 has got me thinking of new fresh ideas  ;D

with the start of my diet, i thought i'd fire up the Wii balance board, only to find out the darn thing's broken.
so off to the dump with that thing (already ordered a new one).

no modelbuilding tomorrow, as im of to the Opendoor & Fly In at Ursel Airfield. i only hope the weather isnt gonna ruin things like the last 4 events i was planning to go to this year  :-\
so expect some nice pictures on maybe sunday  :mellow:

Bench Progress:

-1/72 Sukhoi Su-45 (T-50, 80% completed)
-1/72 Arado Ar.555 (75% completed)
-1/144 NVMS Jan Zonder Vrees (refit 90% completed)
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-all kinds of things.


Blog Entry #28

modelbuilding is making progress. the Sukhoi T-50 is almost finished, it just needs a second layer of grey on the top before splinter camouflage is applied.
im also making steady progress on the Arado AR.555, assembly is almost done, and should be ready for paint later this week.

last weekends trip to Ursel was not unrewarding, as i have been whif inspired by the Belgian Air Force themself  :mellow:
it has already been announced that Belgium is looking to buy a narrow body airliner in Quick-Change configuration, as the lease on the Air Force's Airbus A330 is to expire at yearend. pilots of the 21st Squadron (white fleet, VVIP, Medevac, casevac,.... transport) have told me they are most likely to lease or buy secondhand Airbus A320's (1 or 2 aircraft). i have one in the stash that was intended to be AEW&C converted, but now im thinking of turning it into a Belgian transport aircraft (already have the decals for it).

i also discoverd other aircraft that were concidered, such as the Dornier/Fairchild 328, Bombardier Global 6000, ....
i also found information regarding Belgiums cancelled MRCA and Sepecat Jaguar plans and even discovered belgium was looking into buying the Breguet Br.941 (but instead got the C-130H) and Mitsubishi MU-2 (but instead bought the Islander).

meanwhile, back on the modelling front, im also been looking at builds to follow after the completion of the T-50 and Ar555.
thinking of finally starting on a 1/144 Belgian Air Force Airbus A320 and RAF P-8I Poseidon (as part of the WWIII storybuild)
in terms of Combat aircraft, im also looking at starting on a Realworld 1/144 Serbian AF MIG-29A, kitbashing a Revell and Minicraft kit into 1 decent fulcrum.

also, this Saturday i will be off to visiting the Belgian Navy during the NavyDays in Zeebrugges  :mellow:
so expect me to come back in a nautical mood (completing the 1/144 carrier refit, perhaps start on new ships).

Bench Progress:

-1/72 Sukhoi SU-45 (T-50, 90% complete)
-1/72 Arado Ar.555 (80% complete)
-1/144 NVMS Jan Zonder Vrees (no progress in refit)
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-all kinds of things.


Blog Entry #29

there finally is some decent progress on the Arado Ar.555, landing gear assembly is complete and im about to give the underside a second coat of blue/grey. should be done by sunday (hopefully).
i also started another project, a 1/144 Boeing 737 AEW&C. after my AEW conversion of an Airbus A319 about a year and a half ago, i looked into the design of the Northrop MESA "Top Hat" antenna, aand after some additional research, i found that the specified height was incorrect. using the new information, i recalculated the scale and im about to start scratchbuilding a new and improved version. i might build 2 antennae, so i have 1 in backup for a future project.
as part of a steady stash reduction, im doing my best to keep a pace of 2 or 3 projects simultaniously, with 1 or 2 finishing each week.

and now for the personal part of the Blog. as you might have read earlier in the beginning of this topic, i said that i was gonna become an uncle for the 4th time. regarding that, i have some better news, yesterday, my brother and his girlfriend came over, and asked me to be the Godfather. i happily said yes  :lol:

Today was a holiday in the Flemish part of Belgium, 11 of July is the Flemish Community holiday. its kinda like an independence day, where we celebrate the victory in the Battle of the Golden Spurs.


the upcoming week is gonna a big one for us in its whole. next Fridaynight im leaving for Britain (RIAT, so expect aircraft pictures and stash additions (lots of Airfix)).

the following is a more politicaly toned post, so sorry in advance if i broke a rule  :-\

but when i get back on sunday the 21st July, Belgium's independence day, we are gonna have 3 reasons to celebrate. next to out independence, we will also celebrate the Abdication of King Albert II and the corronation of King Fillip I.....sorry....King Phillipe I (he prefers his French spelled name as king, witch kinda is a sting to the Dutch speaking flemish community).
im not really the Royal minded (proud to be a Belgian, but with recent events the last years, i lean more towards Flemish independence) but a corronation is always something special. (i only watch for the Military parade anyway)

Bench Progress:

1/72 Arado Ar.555 (90% completed)
1/144 737-AEW&C (20% completed)
on the bench:

-all kinds of things.


Blog Entry #30

the stash is currently being balanced. i hope to have a steady reduction this year (got enough kits to last me propably 20 years or more).
earlier this week i managed to finish the Arado Ar.555, and im about to continue on the 1/144 737-AEW&C.

as for the new second project, im taking a look at that 1/125 U-99 U-boat i bought at a rumage sale last sunday.
the last owner attemted to build it, but apparently didnt have the skills to continue and finish it, so i adopted this project for a fiver including the paint, glue and paintbrushes. at first glance it looks pretty banged up but fixable.
the 2 fuselage halves were already put together, but i had to force the top open a bit for the flooring to fit.
some of the propellor-shafts are broken to, but can be fixed or replaced. as for the decals, the kit still had its orriginal decals, but im thinking of making a WHIF out of it, might concider decorating it as a Bordurian Navy version (since they already had Heinkel 115's,  Bf.109's and other German hardware in the tintin comics) ;D

tomorrow, im gonna start clearing the shelves as im running out of space. some older models will leave the shelves for a new spot on the attic. so more space can be made for newbuilds

further modelling activity might be low the coming days, as im currently making preperations for my UK Visit coming saturday (RIAT Fairford). i still need to get some supplies (travel sickness pills, bottles of water,....) and prepare my camera equipment.

i will also be visiting various modelling stands (including the expected Airfix tent). im currently making a list of hard-to-get airfix kits (i hardly find them in Belgium atm), got a 80 to 100 GBP budget set for stash additions  :mellow:

on the shopping list at the moment are:

-2 or 3 1/72 Airfix Vampire T.11's
-new airfix 1/72 Gloster Gladiator
-various unknown 1/144 and 1/72 kits (airfix Lancaster B.II looks possible  :mellow:)
-(hopefully) a 1/72 Savoia S-21 (porco rosso)
-British (yorkshire) Tea (for my dad  ;) )

Bench Progress:

-1/144 Boeing 737-AEW&C (20% complete)
-1/125 U-99 (under repair)
on the bench:

-all kinds of things.