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Started by McColm, January 11, 2012, 02:51:10 AM

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I've nearly finished my 1/72 Lockheed Neptune MR2. Just need to fix the weapon bay doors from a BAe Nimrod kit, add the decals and aerials. I hand painted the model in battleship grey, jet pod engines- red intake doors with gun metal surround. P-3 sonar buoy tubes and two C-130J engines pushed through the round cowling. The exhaust pipes are from a Sea Harrier swivel nozzles.
Next on the list is the 1/72 tandem Mig-25: the nose wheel under carriage needs replacing as it's not long enough. I've found a suitable radar kit to display the nose cone in the opened position. Cockpit detail to be added, access ladders and decals. Fuselage painted black, exhaust pipes gun metal, main undercarriage gun metal, tyres matt black.

1/25 Ford Capri MK2 soft top 2 door roadster lefthand drive. 4 Individual seats, manual gear box, V8 engine, German spec. Side exhaust pipes, 4 lamp headlights, side indicators. Wheels to be added and paint scheme sorted, wheel arches and front air-skirt glued on.
1/144 Sea Shadow MKII
Airfix hovercraft base with Revell sea shadow added.A4  Plasticard added to raise profile, seamaster engines.


Been surfing the web for suitable 1/24 garage workshop fittings and discovered that Fujimi do a range of sets in plastic whereas Phoenix and Toy Wonders do a range in diecast metal. Amazon used to sell this range but is now discontinued.
You can get fittings on eBay from time to time. I might have to scratch build my workshop and use the crane from my Airfix Severn Class Lifeboat.
This project is on hold at the present time as I'm working on my 'Connie' fleet.


Been working some crazy shifts last week and I haven't spent any time on my stash. I picked a copy of 'British Leyland-the history, the engineering, the people by Stephen Pullen. From WHSmith from steam wagons to seventies' strife. Before catching a train from London Charring Cross Station.
There is scpoe for a few whatifs and real world wiffs. I haven't seen any 1/24 or 1/25 plastic kit Jaguar XJ6 saloons to convert into the Avon XJ6 estate. Although the BMW Mini could be badged as a Riley or Wolseley if the front grill was changed.
Another thought was using a 1/72 Yak-38 and F-22, making the F-22 into a V/STOL. As to the two seater YF-23 my first thought was the front section of a RA-5C, but closer examination leads me to use my Airfix 1/72 TSR-2.


Brian in Australia should have got the two RR Tyne engine parts off the complicated spruce from the Revell 1/72 Dassault Br.1150 Atlantic MK1 and instruction sheet. I didn't supply the under carriage wheels as he just wanted the engines. I'll use them on my Mach2 Atlantic MK1 kit build.

The Griffon powered 'Connie' is undergoing the mundane filler-sanding down-filler routine, splinters added to the engines and I'm thinking of replacing the exhaust pipes with some stretched spruce over the wings.

In between the sanding and filling, I picked up the Airfix 'General Lee' 1/24 Dodge Charger and painted the dashboard. I've gone for the retro look of orange dials and switches with a satin black surround. I found that the Matchbox Ford/Mercury Capri II rear seats are a better fit although the bench seat from the Daka RangeRover is another possiblity. The suspension is leafsprings which can be set at high or low, so the road car version will be built, well sort of.

I've also found a suitable base for the 'Isle of McColm' from ModelRail AprilMay 2012 issue.


I had a few days off this week and picked up my first 'Whiff' project a Lockheed Neptune. Fitted the weapons bay doors sourced from an Airfix BAe Nimrod, found a better stand, opted for four propeller blades per engine as the 7 blades keep getting snapped off.

As to the 'Welsh Harp Sea Monster', a new cockpit has been added where the front turret used to be. This has come from a two seater F-18.

Progress of the Nimrod AEW-Tanker stretched five point tanker, has taken me by suprise. My earlier attempts on building this failed as the front extension kept breaking off. I've now cracked this and third time lucky it's stayed together. Even with a cargo door added to the starboard side of the model. Additional parts have been raided from a Heller C-135RF and a AML EC-135 'Looking Glass', Fujimi Hawkeye E-2C.
Even the TF-33 engines look good on the Nimrod.

Filler, sanding and filler still goes on with the Griffon powered Connie. the detailing of the engines is time consuming, but will benefit the model.

I haven't tested out my new airbrush yet, might try this out on my 1/144 Sea Shadow MKII, mat black to give it that sneaky stealthy look.


Inerior detail has been added to the section that will accommindate the open cargo door. Two nav operators desks glued side-by-side, with wardrobe taken from the Heller C-135 aircraft. The display panels have increased in number from 2 to four, scrap spruce added and painted green. Desk surface ghost grey and chairs light blue.
The AEW rotordome is taken from a cheap Hawkeye E-2C kit and mounted to the tail fin, similar to the prototype E-3 and An-74 AEW.
The forward section of the Airfix kit has been extended and unlike the rest of the weapon bay doors in the closed position, I intend to glue these open and facing outwards. So I can add two reconnassiance pods either side.
The cockpit, I thought of basing the seating arrangement on the Victor layout. Not that you can see much through the glazing, but I've increased the doorway space. With the option of using the C-135 undercarriage, crew access could be via the nosewheel. Ground clearance is raised, so infra-red pods and areails could be added.


Whilst reading other topics on this site an idea for the glazed cockpit popped into my head. I could hinge this in an open position, at first I thought of cutting it in half similar to the F-111 to let the internal detail be seen and creating a maintenance scene. The wings could also be shown in a folded position with winglets instead of ESM pods.


It seems to me that every time I bid on eBay for a B-17 kit, they put the start prices up.
And another thing those 3D printers are far too expensive for me, couldn't they bring the price down a bit? I mean you can scan any 3D object or CGI, or design and it will print it out in scale model form. Which would be ideal for whiffing those parts you can't buy in the shops, or resin aftermarket parts that don't fit.


It's amazing what you find whilst searching for something completely different. I came across a 1/72 Dassault Atlantic which I'd put the BAe Nimrod wings on. I removed the gun turret and stuck that on the Avro/Lockheed 'Carlton'. I found the resin NC-135K nose cone and glued it on. Should have lined it up first!! Ah well an almost perfect fit, I'll call it the 'Atlantis AEW'. This fills the gap between the 'pocket' Nimrod AEW MK5 (Sentry style spin top), the super stretch AEW MK7
(stretched AEW3, with hose & drogue refueling pods, cargo door, TF-33 engines).
The Carlton is glued up and looks very retro, fills the gap between the Neptune and Griffon engined Connie.
I'm using a 1/72 Hind helicopter as a guide to build my Apache/Sea King version. Well it's an Apache cockpit section and rear Sea King. (Almost real world!!).
Another idea of mine is to use a F-16 as a basis for the XF-32 V/STOL two seater. Too many ideas, must write these down.
I've got Tuesday off so I'll try out my new airbrush.


I noticed in the My Stash grew again thread that you've bought a Transrapid maglev train. Will you be fitting that with an actual maglev system?  ;D



Thanks Hobbes for the idea,
but the kit is a static plastic model; 2 rail units, a length of track 59cm long and support bridge. The kit could be Whiffed into the French Aerotrain which was tested from 1965 until 1977 or motorised to run on Ho track. Four test tracks were built with the longest stretch of 18km, lack of money meant that the project was shelved. The French went for the TGV. Parts of the track can still be seen, but most have been dismantled.


If you have bought one on these kits from Revell then you are in for a bit of a disappointment. Although the front section has the character of the FX4 that we know and love, the rear depicts the early 1961-1968 when it comes to the tail lightcluster, although I haven't come across the "bunny ears" roof mounted indicators in my kit.
In 1969 the taillight cluster was replaced by the same unit as used in the MKII Austin 1100/1300. Indictors appeared below the headlights with repeaters fitted on the front wings, the interior colour change from grey to black and an altered partition giving the driver more leg room.
In 1982 the rear door hinge had been relocated to the rear, so wheelchair access could be given. Suttle changes to the bumpers loosing the chrome to black rubber and wing mirrors moving to the front door postion.
As to the engine, well you can have the hood/bonnet in the open position. The old Austin engines comes with the kit, although you could slot any engine you desire from Land Rover , Mazda or Nissan.
Me, I'm going for a V8!!


Don't forget if you have problems with posting pictures, PM me  :thumbsup:
Decals my @r$e!


I'm probably getting to the stage where I think I've got enough kits to build on the aircraft side of things, so why buy another one.
The 1/72 Bell/Boeing V-22 Osprey still eludes me, although I did have one sometime ago. As parts are revealed in other started builds, but not a complete kit, so I might just buy the 1/48.
As to 'Honsest John's car lot', the combination of European and American kits in 1/24 & 1/25 would give Arthur Dailey a run for his money!! I've also came across a website that intriged me. Rolls Royce considered a buget end model and talks with BMC lead to a number of prototypes being built and rebadged Bentley.
Crayford on the other hand beat the main UK car manufactures on the convertible or 3/5 door estate (as the word hatchback, wasn't in use at the time). I never knew you could buy a Austin 1800 5 door or the Morris equivialant. I know that there are diecast models of the Wolseley Six, based on the Austin 1800. Different rear light cluster, grill and wood veneer trim. Leather seats weren't an option at the time, but the Woseley did have a top speed of 120mph and was the fastest of the three. The Austrailians had a Ute version.
As to the Land Lobster, the Austin 3 L. This also comes in a diecast model, but I haven't seen the estate advertised. There was a V8 Wolseley version built but this never made it onto the sales forecourt of any dealer, but the garage at BL as it kept breaking down!!
There are no 1/24 or 1/25 plastic kits of the Austin Princess. I've got a 1/43 kit that I've started to create a fifth door and there are plenty of diecast models.
This now begs the question could the Rover V8 engine have fitted into the the '1800 series' or  Austin Princess?
As the ride qualtity of the Austin 3 Litre straight six was on the boarderline of the Rolls Royce, would the 4 litre engine from RR have been the better choice of engine. Austin were to rebadge this the Rover, however sales were poor and the 3L engine drank petrol at an alarming rate. Hence the V8 alternitive and then there is the front grill, maybe they could have copied Bentley and got the appeal of Ministers or the Daimler buyer. Well several Police forces bought it and an ambulance version built.