Hawker Siddley HS 681

Started by uk 75, June 09, 2006, 01:47:55 AM

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uk 75

If you have not visited the whatif and oddball model pages, do!  I have just found the most marvelous set of pictures of a model in the Midlands Aviation Museum of the Hawker(formerly Armstrong Whitworth) 681 transporter planned in the 60s to replace the Beverley and Hastings in RAF service, but stopped in 1964.

I must have a model like this in 1:72 scale to go with TSR2s and HS1154s as envisaged in plans at the time. Maybe some kind soul could ask the Midlands Museum for the opportunity to copy their excellent model.

For those not into this sort of thing, imagine a shorter fatter C141 (or bigger Kawasaki C1 with four engines!) instead of the Hercules in service since 1970 with the RAF.
UK 75


With Pegasus engines to give it a VSTOL or STOSL capability!
It's not an effing  jump jet.

Martin H

twas me who took those pics, its of one of the original AW display models..not sure of the scale, but its someware between 48th and 32nd scales. The rear clam shell doors and ramp work as well, had a great hour or so getting up close and personal with that bird lol
the museum has 3 other AW681 models, an even bigger display model in flight, and a pair of desk top models, one mounted on a stand and the other sits on its undercart., neither of witch the museam will let me near. the boss there knows me far to well LOL. Liberation comes to mind each time i see em.
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Nigel Bunker

Just picked up my copy of Air Enthusiast for  July/August 2006 and there's an article about HS.681.

I was looking at the model at MAM on Saturday during the What If SIG meet and wondering how to build one, but that's another story.

Interstingly, a lot of ex-Avro Arrow design staff from Canada worked on it, and there was even a proposal for a version with Comet wings for Maritime duties.

Even if you don't buy a copy of the magazine, have a look at the article next time you're in the newsagents.
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Our newsagent doesn't get it, I'll have to go to England for that!

There was also a proposal to fit comet wings on  (i think) a Starlifter fuselage
It's not an effing  jump jet.



You could probably order a copy from here.


All hail the God of Frustration!!!



You could probably order a copy from here.


I did and received it yesterday :D  


Still waiting for WHSmiths to get thier bloody copies in
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