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Re: The Wooksta's Mosquito Blog comments thread
« Reply #15 on: April 04, 2021, 08:56:43 am »
I also agree that research is important in modelling, even for what-ifs. The Portuguese modelling community can be very hard on poorly researched real world builds of AM/AN or PoAF models so they are especially critical of what-ifs and that has made me try to do the most i can to get the historical facts right before showing any of my builds on portuguese forums or facebook groups even when they're real world models, although i haven't built many of those.
I also like to see a well researched build of both RW or whifs so i understand and respect the criticism to a certain point but when it comes to letting the imagination run free, it's all fair game cause, in the end, they're just plastic models and not everyone has the time or patience to do in-depth research so i sometimes feel like they're are way too many JMNs in the Portuguese modelling community.

People just need to do the research themselves. It's rewarding in and of itself.  I can see why some people get so wrapped up in it and just don't want to do whiffery.  The more hardcore say it's because whiffery screws reality, or cheapens it.  One guy I overheard at 'udderfield Show a few years back said it was "insulting the dead"...  I just think he's an unimaginative f***tard.

I especially agree with this. There's so much you can learn from the various sources and i've learned quite a bit about my country's history from the research i do for Portuguese whifs. The part about "insulting the dead"... yep, just a freaking blockhead. ;D
I've had ex-PoAF pilots and mechanics commenting on my whifs and all of them were very open-minded about them and it was enough for us to engage in long and enriching conversations of what was, what almost was and what could have been so, i've learned to simply laugh on JMNs' faces when they try to get me pissed with their stupid comments, especially because all of them were people who were never involved with the matters in question, simply frustrated wannabes who never had anything to do with the matters in question.
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