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Argentinian Guided Weapon projects


Here's a subject I only just found out about. As well as working on aircraft projects, German engineers in Argentina in the 1950s also worked on guided weapons, including some familiar shapes from WWII. Since Argentina was equipped with western or domestic aircraft, that led to some very whiffy-looking combinations, which in turn opens up the door to credible actual what-ifs, based on different German WWII weapons.

All pics and links from the relevent Secret Projects thread here unless stated otherwise:

This was the Hs.293 glide bomb, reinvented in Argentina by ex-Henshel engineers, and tested under a Lancaster:

Image from here:

Image from here:

There's a blog entry here (in Spanish):
And a Spanish document attached to this SP post:
(It looks like there have been several Spanish language books about Argentine 'Secret Projects' but regrettably none appear to have been translated into English)

Plenty of what-if potential here, of course: Lancaster or Neptune with a Fritz X? Meteor with a Ruhrstal X-4-derived AAM?

Here's another one, the Tabano, here being launched from an I.Ae.24 Calquin (effectively a radial-engined Mosquito):

Image from here:

Post with more pics & Spanish docs here:

This was an air-to-air weapon, with radio command guidance and fusing by infra-red or sound(1). Interestingly, it was a couple of Polish engineers who seemed to be most involved with this one.


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