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Guns designed to be used to update old AFVs


What if french had installed the 105mm gun of M51 in some oldies more?


This is RW. Chilean M50.

Nice. :thumbsup:

There've been various 105mm conversions proposed for the M-47, but only one went into service:

France: AMX-30 gun (trials only)
Iran and Italy: L7 gun (trials only)
Spain: Rheinmetal gun (production)

Also, when South Korea upgraded their M-48s to 105mm, they cascaded their better (longer?) 90mm guns down to their M-47s.


The Cockerill 90mm has been used to update old AFVs. Chaffees certainly, M41s maybe, proposed for the PT-76, the Scorpion of course, and several Brazillian light tanks derived, to varying degrees, from the M5 Stuart. It's a shoe-in for an 75/76mm, so it should easily go on a big-turret Sherman, and probably a Comet too. I'd be amazed if you can't get the French 90mm F2 (AML-90) gun into the Saladin, and the Cockerill might go too.


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