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Strike/interdictor loadout question

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Maybe a somewhat daft question, in particular as the whole idea of having a common interface on weapon pylons is to be able to attach whatever you need for that particular mission - BUT..

I can’t decide on loadout for a project. Most off it I decided and glued on (see below) but the final touch is missing and I can’t decide between options.

I am building this RAF “instead-of-Tornado” strike interdictor. In my scenario, it’s pictured (built?) as when flying in for a long range, rear echelon strike/recce mission, tasked primarily to find, photograph and bomb larger armour gatherings moving up towards the front line. Like transport hubs, river crossings, rail yards and similar. Main mission equipment is an EMI recce pod (improved, God knows that was needed) and the Hunting IBL755 to ruin someone’s day more immediately. Also, she’s carrying two fuel jugs and the Sky Shadow/BOZ 107 ECM set to hide a bit.
However, she’s a big, fat and powerful girl, so there’s two smaller weapon stations left, suitable for lighter missiles such as the AIM-9 or similar.

Time frame is late Cold War/WW3, Northern European theatre, and what I can’t decide on is whether to add ALARMs or AIM-9’s. So could I please ask you to provide some input? I might not follow advice, but I’m really interested in hearing thoughts and ideas on whether you would go for AAMs or ARMs, and why. What do you think?

(Entirely unrelated pic just for fun)

Your load out sounds good. "Armed Resonance" would be a better term for what your describing with the BL755's for targets of opportunity as you would not want to go back to somewhere you had flown over that was rather hostile to your being there.
As for the two remaining places for ordinance, how about a chaff/flare launcher on one pylon, unless you have similar things already fitted to the airframe already, with a Sidewinder for limited self defence on the other.


My vote would go to some Sidewinders or something similar for aerial defence. I would not distract too much from the core mission. An ECM pod would be another choice, but that has already been settled, as well as a chaff dispenser.

Old Wombat:
I'd suggest both be AIM-9 stations for self-defence.

No point gathering intel if you can't deliver it.

You may be able to outrun most pursuit, from astern, but interceptors can be vectored in from other quarters, too.

ALARM is large and heavy. Sidewinder or ASRAAM would be a better fit for the outer pylons.


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