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For those who find clunky 1950s missiles fascinating, they don't get much clunkier than Seaslug and S.R.Jenkin's site is the go-to for info about it, since he actually worked on Seaslug in the Gosport armaments depot in the 1980s. Lots of tasty titbits of info here:

This hilariously dated Pathé News film about HMS Glamorgan shows you some of the complications of the Seaslug magazine, and is worth watching for a laugh even if you couldn't care less about the missile:

"To use space terminology, it's A-Okay!"  ;D :thumbsup:

These are some Shipbucket profiles I did with various SAM systems superimposed on a County-class DLG. You can see just how huge the total systems were, what an impact they had on ship design, and why the Mk.13 launcher came to dominate the export market, once you could get half-decent Standard SM-1s to fire from it. Note that I put 24 rounds on the Seaslug system in the profile, but the website above gives a much higher figure, although I'm not entirely convinced that the author hasn't got confused and double-counted some of them.

I went aboard the Norfolk sometime in the 70s, and was amazed at how far forward the tunnels went that held the SeaSlug rounds!  :o

They didn't take us in them but the officer/guide told us how far they went.


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