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Found T-54/55 and T-72/90 threads but not for this vehicle.

My Secret Santa present showed up and it is the 35th scale Tamiya kit.  Problem is I don't have much (hardly any) 35th scale stuff anymore so at a loss what to do with it.  Any other country ideas that I could mark it as?  Convert it to an APC type vehicle (didn't the Israeli's already do this)? Scaleorama it into some massive 72nd scale vehicle, possibly sci-fi?  Something else I haven't thought of?


72nd scale vehicle - like that idea!

The Israelis did indeed have T-62s.
The Tamiya kit goes together nicely, looks good, but has some innaccuracies, but who cares, eh? :party:
You could add new stowage baskets and skirts, and do an updated T-62 of an Eastern European country, or African?
I built mine as a South African AWB vehicle with T-72 type stowage (spares box) and side skirts (plastic card, in sections), but I had lots of 1/35th items then.
You could lose the tracks/wheels/sprockets, add big side skirts, and create an Israeli Hover Tank on the planet Zigoria? :drink:

I think the Israeli Achzerit APCs are based on T-54s rather than T-62s, and most of their other heavy APCs are based on Centurions, but of course, that doesn't stop you from doing a whif T-62 version.

I've considered using a 1/35th tank to provide running gear for a big vehicle if the Gerry Anderson GB ever gets selected: it's a lot of dosh if you're not using most of it though. Fortunately, a CC Lee cheapo one came along... ;D

Heck, if you have the parts and/or the inclination, scale-o-rama it to 1/144 and state that this is what the Soviets did with the plans for the Ratte that they captured at the end of the war...


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