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A-10 Thunderbolt II

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This was Northrop entry for the A-X (which was won by the Republic whartog).
More precisely, Northrop finally selected what become the A-9 (very similar to the Su-25)

Look at that : it really look like a Whartog with a propeller!

So Rafa and Arch decided to start a group build around his beauty!
The aim : slaughtering an A-10 and change it into this Northrop design...


Alright, I know this has been done and discussed before. I bought a Revell A-10 at Wal-Mart last week with this in mind. I assumed it was 1/48 so I could use bits left over from my Revell Hornet. But when I got home, I discovered it was 1/72. I was a little angry, but oh well. Life gave me a lemon, and I'm off to make orange juice from it.... :P

So, what would need to be done to a 'Hog to get it on and off a carrier deck? I can see 3 areas that may or may not need attention: The wings, gear, and launch/arrestor equipment. The landing gear is the easiest. The A-10 is designed for rough areas so that might not even be a problem. The arrestor hook and tow bar can be scratchbuilt and added with little effort. And the many options. They need to be folded, but how? Obviously the traditional up-and-over would be the easiest, and you'd probably want another small fold at the tips to reduce your vertical clearance. If you wanted to really get into it, look great doing it, and reduce your vertical to the minimum, you can do a Grumman-style  fold to the back. I would love to pull that off, but how? Is there anything else I need to worry about? Thanks for your input.


Regarding the wing folding, it, of necessity, has to be outboard of the main gear, how far outboard depends on your folding method.  I think you've got room to do a single-fold of the up-an-over style, possibly with a brace 'tween wingtips while folded.  For the rotate and fold aft "Grumman" style, take a look at the wing folding mechanism on a F4F, F6F, or TBF; I could argue, though, that the wing fold of a F7F would be more appropriate.

You'll likely also need to tweak the nose gear with twin wheels, if it doesn't already have them, and the catapult hook such as the F-18 and F-14 have.

I am working on one, in a very slow build.

I chose to do the wing fold the Grumman style, however I reversed it so that the underside of the wing shows to the outside. My logic is that some pylons will stay on the wing in spite of the fold.

I have no idea if carrier operation rules would allow this.


also, what will the tailhook look like? i.e. which aircraft are you going to cannibalize it from?


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