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Yes 2021. I've just booked my hotel for next year, mainly because those in or around the Centre usually sell out in the first couple of days  after the show closes.

Martin H:
Mines already sorted as well. The hotel merely transfered this years booking for me.

They didnt increase the rate either, so thats a November 2021 booking at their 2019 price.

You got a good deal there Martin.

Mines only 20 more than this years would have been, spread over 3 night, so I'm quite happy. Premier Inn only take bookings a year in advance so I couldn't book until today. Never thought of seeing if I could transfer a booking, but given it's all done on line I doubt it, not without causing utter confusion all round anyway  :rolleyes:

Mine's free.  ;D

'Cos I stay with the RAF's Best Air Traffic Controller these days.

I have booked my stay in the Travelodge in the town centre, just a 5 minute walk from the show itself and the evening restaurants. At 150 for 3 nights and fully refundable, it is a bargain.

FYI - Travelodge's breakfast offering is a box containing cornflakes & milk, flapjack, chocolate croissant and a carton of juice. Value 2, price 5.25. :-X


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