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Re: Nick's Notes
« Reply #315 on: June 14, 2021, 09:44:38 am »
I got another one done! My Cannonball 2000 Texas State Trooper GT90 is now complete. You can see the results over here:
It looks great at arms length but up close  :rolleyes:

I actually need to give it a coat of polish but I want to let the paint and decals dry thoroughly first. Should be good by next week.

When I put the pics on my clubs FB page the Comp Sec told me it was going in this months Open Comp! I hadn't realised we were having one!  ;D

Now to tidy my desk a little and finish something else. Might have a beer first.  :cheers:
I had some 1066 Lager while down in Sussex on Sunday and it wasn't too bad. Trouble is it's only sold in that area and I'm not going there for a while.